Bonus Post: Gap year plans

In case I haven't talked about it enough yet, I've finally graduated from high school. *confetti* I'm taking a gap year instead of heading straight to university, so here are my plans for the year. (If my plans are public, I'm a whole lot less likely to ditch everything and binge watch movies all year.) 

1) Save some money. I have a job that I will be continuing to work at, and I'm going to increase my hours to part time. I'll learn some more skills and make more money, which will be awesome. (For those of you who are curious, I'm saving up for a French course in France.) 

2) Get better at French. This one flows from my last one, because I want to get to France knowing a thing or two. Plus I've worked too hard for too long to just quit now. (And, you know, it's fun.) They have a class you can take here, so I'll have to look into it. 

3) Take care of myself. For the past four-ish years I've let my health go down the drain a little. I've been too busy studying, trying to catch up and adjusting to bother with eating terribly health-ly (which is now a word) and exercising. When I'm not doing anything, I'm too tired to bother. So I'm going to exercise and eat better this year. 

4) Blog. Yay! I love blogging, I really do and now I'll be able to put more time into it. 

5) Writing. I really want to try to sign a book (any book, I don't care at this point) with an agent over the next year. I have lots of stuff to do, hopefully lots of time to do it. 

6) Watch movies. I adore movies, but haven't had a lot of time to watch them because of school. So I'll be on the couch a lot (this one will clash with number three, but oh well. *shrugs*) 

7) Join the local soccer team or swim. Because I have to stay active somehow. 

8) Do more photography/drawing. I love taking pictures of my gorgeous adopted country, and I also enjoy drawing occasionally. Once again, lack of time has squashed these particular activities. 

9) Relax. There's something about lying on your bed, staring at your ceiling, a breeze floating through your window with music pumping through your headphones that makes me smile. 



  1. Rainbow Magic Fairy29 November 2015 at 16:58

    That sounds like an amazing plan! I hope and know you'll have an awesome year :)

  2. I'm so excited for you, your gap year sounds wonderful and I'm sure you will do everything you have planned and more!
    Great post!

    1. Thank you!!! I can't wait to get started.

  3. Sounds like some awesome goals for a gap year! Best of luck!

    1. Thanks!!! I hope I get to them all and don't wade around in laziness :)

  4. I know the feeling, since I'm about halfway through my gap year already. I totally understand how easy it can be to let your health go, what with busyness and all. And I would love to see you sign with an agent this year! :) That's my hope for myself as well, really.

    If you study French in France, that would be so cool and wonderful. My uncle lived in France for a while for that reason and he speaks French really well now, so if you can go there and do that, it would definitely help you out.

    Good luck on all your gap year plans!

    1. I hope you're enjoying your gap year! And yeah, you just kinda push yourself harder and harder and harder... There was one point where for about two weeks I was waking up at 5am and going to bed at 10pm just to get everything done. I would advise to not do that :)

      I so hope you sign with an agent! From what I've seen, your writing is amazing!

      Yeah, I'm really hoping that it works out. Being able to speak two languages opens up so many doors. Thanks!

  5. Beautiful! Holidays are great but I was thinking just today: they're just not long enough. I'm back at school on Wednesday and I have not done all the things. What I'd love would be a holiday wherein I could spend the first week binge reading. That's all I want! But if I'd done that this Christmas, it would've been half gone! In the time leading up to Christmas Day I was frantically crafting presents, and then I've obviously got my novel to work on, but also I've got heaps of homework, and blogging requires so much time (as you can tell by my month-late comments ... better late than never?), and there's just NOT ENOUGH TIME. So yeah. A year to yourself (apart from work, obviously) will be lovely.

    Good luck with it all! I hope your writing, drawing and photography go well (three subjects close to my heart), and that your French gets better! (I'm sure it will.)

    And happy new year, Victoria!

    1. They aren't, are they? There's so much to do in life and just not enough time. A week reading sounds amazing. I spent two weeks binge watching Doctor Who which was just awesome. I'm glad you got everything done for Christmas, though, even if you had to skimp a little on your reading, writing and blogging.

      Thank you! I certainly hope so. Happy New Year, Emily!


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