A year in review

Today I interrupt our regularly scheduled chaos to bring a re-cap of the last year. I know that probably everyone will be doing one of these, so I'm sorry if this is like the fifteenth billion re-cap you've read today. But what can I say? I love my summaries (and explosions and epic gunfights, of course), but I'll try to keep it short. 

-We visited Japan in January on our way back from Canada
-I had a blast during Cyclone Marcia in February
-I (somehow) managed to obtain my learner's drivers license. (I would suggest everyone avoids driving between 8am and 8pm, especially if you value your life. Stay away from the roads at all costs and if you must leave our house to go to work or something, please consider duct taping mattresses and bubble wrap around your car and wearing a helmet.)
-I read a lot and wrote a lot (look at me, being descriptive).
-We had a relaxing week on Hamilton Island.
-I discovered Pintrest which is simultaneously the worst and best thing in the universe.
-I started this blog, met lots of friends and wrote even more.
-I stressed out a lot in term three but then graduated in November.
-I put a purple streak in my hair to celebrate graduating. (It's very unlike me, but I went ahead and did it anyways. I'M SUCH A REBEL!)
-We spent a lot of time planning for our Europe trip.

-I actually started blogging, which was a new experience and mildly nerve wracking.
-I talked about my experiences with living in a new country.
-I started a holiday! (Sort of.) This year for Appreciate an Artist Week I wrote to Owl City.
-I also talked a lot about writing and reading and movies and stories (because I'm a diverse person who couldn't pick a topic to stick to).
-I met lots of cool people with awesome stories and amazing blogs who were/continue to be incredibly supportive and generally fantastic people.

The most popular posts of the year:
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-I started querying The Creature of the Night... and got nowhere. Maybe I'll revisit it in a few years?
-I mostly finished editing Zoe + Death, BFFs and it was great to see it pull together after a horrific first draft.
-I finished drafting The School Captain and let's just say that I'm not looking forwards to editing that insane mess.
-I started on draft two of Formulas and it almost killed me. I was not kidding when I said the first draft as so bad that it would burn your eyeballs out if you read it. 
-I also started planning another series that I'd like to start drafting next year. I have very quickly realised that there will have to be lots of research into astrophysics and I'm rather worried about having both lots of research and a series which I'll have to stick to (but the villain is so deliciously evil that I can't wait at the same time).
-I had a lot of ideas for stories that I won't be able to write for years. *sobs* IT BREAKS MY HEART!!!
-(Can you tell I have major issues with starting and finishing a single story? I've worked on like seven different projects this year between editing, planning, drafting and writing a few scenes but I haven't fully finished one book yet.)

Thank you all for a fantastic start to blogging! I really appreciate all my jabberwockies. Has anything big (or small) happened to you this year? (I'm sure everyone's done something...) What's been your favourite memory? What are you looking forwards to next year?

(And I'll be a bit slow with reading everyone's lovely blogs for the next few weeks, but I'll do my best.)


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I'm so glad you decided to start blogging, because I've really enjoyed your contribution to the blogosphere. :) And even though you didn't necessarily finish any books, you still did a lot of writing work, and you're well set up for next year. I'm sorry your first query project didn't pan out. I'm thinking mine won't either, though two agents still have my fully. I just haven't heard from them in forever. But hopefully we will both get agents this year! I definitely think, with enough persistence, you'll get published. It's only a matter of time. :)

    1. Thank you Liz!! Happy New Year to you too! Wow, that's amazing that you have a MS in with two different agents. You must be doing something right :) and I'm sure it'll work out, if not with this project then another. I agree, it's only a matter of time.

  2. Happy New Year! This blog has added quite the dash of humor into my life. And don't get discouraged about not being published yet...I'm sure you'll get there!

    1. Happy New Year, RM! Ahhh, thank you!!! That means a lot (especially since I'm not very funny in real life)! Hahaha, thank you, I appreciate that. I'll keep plugging along.

  3. Happy New Year, Victoria. :) Keep up the editing, and I hope that you'll get published someday! You're working hard, and that will have to pay off sooner or later. Also, I look forward to hearing more of your stories on the blog as the year progresses.

    1. Happy New Year, Heather! Thanks for the encouragement, I appreciate it.


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