Bonus Post: The (rather random and probably stupid) things I did yesterday

-I swept a dying beetle off the porch to the grass, either to his death or salvation. We shall never know. 
-I blogged.
-I read this post and cried because I miss Alberta. 
-I watched Julie & Julia and cried because DARN IT I WANT TO BE AN AUTHOR. 
-I procrastinated. 
-I listened to lots of Relient K (who are awesome, by the way (<3 electric guitar)). 
-I finished editing a chapter of Formulas. 
-I Googled Hungarian flowers (sunflowers bloom in October, by the way).
-I yelled at the fridge in French because it was being judgemental. (Not about my weight, which is what most normal fridges are judgemental about. No, it was judging how I cried in the movie, so I commented on its weight and ranted about how I am a fantastic writer, thank you very much. I'm not sure it speaks French, though, so I don't know if it understood anything I said. (And I'm not insane, by the way. Promise.))
-I almost cut off my finger while chopping a carrot. 

-I worried about the creaking door, because it's probably a Weeping Angel or the Silence coming for me.
-I realized I cried about 100 times more today than I have ever cried at jiu jitsu, despite the fact that I always lose. Twice in one day from a movie and a blog post, but never from jiu jitsu. Take from that what you will. 
-I edited another two chapters. 
-I listened to more Relient K. 
-I painted my nails, then realized that I couldn't wear my Birkenstocks without ruining them. (Life is cruel.)
-I listened to Owl City (but let's face it, half of my life is spent listening to Owl City). 
-I edited two more chapters and hit my word count goal of 50,000 words. It used to be 40,000. It was a cause of a massive celebration. 
-I did the laundry, the dishes and vacuumed like a good child. 
-I enjoyed having a candle lit. (It's weirder than usual, actually. Growing up, we never lit candles because I have a brother who liked to see how many CDs he could fit in the CD player at once when he was little. (The answer? As many as you want, but it's not going to play anything ever again.) Needless to say, candles are a recent thing.)

Well, jabberwockies, what stupid and/or random things did you do in the past week? And do you like the smaller or larger pictures better?


  1. Editing is always an effective use of time! :D And Julie and Julia is awesome!

    1. Indeed it is :) And isn't it?? I love that movie. Thanks for commenting, Ashley!

  2. That last point made me laugh, I'm still laughing as I type this ...

    I loved this post, I properly love your blog vibe, do I say that often enough? It is so spontaneous, I love it.

    All right, this week I:
    - started properly third drafting TCATT
    - finished Les Mis and in the bath and just had to lie praying for a while
    - got really excited about the rugby (England have won the six nations championship, if you're interested. "No, Emily, no I'm not." All right Victoria no need to be rude.)
    - read like 400 pages of Demon Road (which after my six weeks of Les Mis feels like a lot of pages in four days) by Derek Landy which is a really good book and I love him.
    - felt really sad within the past couple of minutes because I learnt that author Louise Rennison has died. Have you read any of her books?
    - Posted about Chile #yay
    - Attempted to sort my thoughts on insta-love into a coherent post
    - Had a really weird unpleasant time driving to Manchester on Friday evening: falling asleep in the car and waking in the dark with cold air streaming in a really jarring cello concerto playing loudly, I was very confused and unimpressed
    - Read most of Philippians which is a really good book
    - Read and loved Carol Ann Duffy (what a babe).
    - Written a heck-ton of essays.

    I have no idea how long that list is, I'm going to publish this without rereading because I'm dangerous like that.

    I like big pictures.

    Julie and Julia is so good! <3333

    1. I'm glad I could make you laugh :) It's not a skill I have in real life, but apparently I'm funny over the Internet. I'll take what I can get. And thanks! That means so much to me!

      1) Congrats!
      2) Congrats again! I'm glad you finished it. It's not a book I would ever read, I don't think.
      3) Hahaha, you stole the words from my mouth.
      4) I've only read the first Skullduggery Pleasant book? I think I need to read them in the future sometime. I'm glad Demon Road was good, I've heard lots of good stuff about it.
      5) I haven't, I'm so sorry. I'll have to look her up.
      6) That post was awesome. Just saying.
      7) Also a very good post. It was very thoughtful and confused my minuscule brain.
      8) Just checking, but YOU weren't driving, right? It was someone else driving and you fell asleep?
      9) It is, it is indeed.
      10) Again, never hear of her :/
      11) Well, that's less fun, unless you're one of the few people who enjoy that kind of thing.

      Julie and Julia is amazing!!! Thanks for commenting, Emily!

    2. 4) SUCH A GOOD SERIES. ONE OF MY FAVES. They just get better and better as you progress. The first ones are more child-aimed, funny but generally just a bit of fun, but towards the end it gETS INTENSE. I just finished Demon Road today, it's more YA so it was VERY INTENSE. Next book comes out in three weeks thank goodness!
      5) She wrote Georgia Nicolson series, one of my favourites, brilliant, hilarious books.
      6) & 7) Thanks!
      8) Ha, no, after rereading my comment after publishing it I saw that that one might me misunderstood XD No, I was not driving!
      10) She's the British Poet Laureate, she's amazing <333
      11) Weirdly, I am one of the few! English essays are my jam.

    3. 4) I'll have to get my paws on them!
      5) See above.
      6)/7) You're welcome!
      8) Oh, thank goodness! I was rather worried there.
      10) See 4 and 5.
      11) You're so lucky! Essays consist of me banging my head against my keyboard.


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