5 things I love about Canada and Australia

1) We are both part of the Commonwealth (kinda). I'm not dissing anyone who isn't, but I just think that it's pretty awesome that we have both an elected Prime Minister and a monarchy with the Queen (even though the Queen is just a figurehead. We both make all our own laws and everything). 

2) We trade people all the time. Tons of people in Canada want to go to Australia for a vacation, and heaps of people in Australia want to go to Canada for a vacation. Seriously, there's always tons of Aussies working at the ski resorts. I think we've all realized how awesome we all are. 

3) Extreme weather. Australia can be totally, extremely, insanely hot, and Canada can be the opposite. Quite often it sucks (like when the power's out (therefore no air-conditioning) from a cyclone during summer or the heater breaks down in the middle of winter (I've had both happen to me)) but at other times it's awesome. In Canada, we used to go the ski hill for our school "camp" type thing. Here, they go to a tropical island. I'm not complaining. 

4) The people rock. Yes, there are idiots. Yes, there are morons who don't know the difference between Canada and the United States, or think that Australians ride to school on kangaroos. Yes, there are jerks. But you get that in every country, and thankfully, from what I've experienced the vast majority of Canadians and Australians are amazing, kind and hardworking people. When we went to Canada over the summer break for two months, we stayed in a hotel for one night, and that was because us kids were all sick. Everyone opened their doors to us. When we first moved here, people we didn't even know gave us mattresses so that we didn't have to sleep on the floor while waiting for our stuff to get shipped here. The people are just incredible. 

5) The countries themselves are beautiful. When you think of Canada, I'd imagine you'd think of huge, snow-capped mountains and dusted evergreen trees. That's not all we have, though. We have endless wheat fields and splashes of red and orange forests in the fall and endless, silent forests and raging rapids and rolling tundras and fierce snowstorms and parks sighing with the rustling of leaves. Australia, on the other hand, has crystal clear oceans and dizzying deserts and the soft whoosh of waves on the warm sand and flocks of chattering lorikeets and skies so deep you tumble into them and silhouettes of palm trees against the setting sun and blood-red dirt for miles and miles. 

What's your favourite thing about your country?


  1. Both Canada and Australia sound like lovely places! I mean, I'm an outsider so I'm sure my perceptions are less-than accurate, but I know that at least for me, I imagine Canada as basically this big, flat field and Australia as a rock with a lot of animals that can kill you. However, I also know that there are amazing, beautiful things to enjoy, as well! :) Thanks for sharing your perspective!

  2. Yeah, that's what I thought Australia was too before I moved :) (But there are still lots of animals that can kill you.) Thanks for commenting!

  3. As someone in the U.S., I really like how varied our country is. Sometimes our differences make it difficult for us to get along, but when we do, it's pretty amazing. We also have a belief that almost anything is possible (especially if we work hard--though that's a part of the equation we need to work on). Nice post. I really like how you draw similarities between the two places even though they seem so different at first glance.

    1. Yeah, that's one of the things that I love about the US, you have so much variety! (And food... and shopping :) ) It's awesome that you guys are hopeful, I think we need a lot more of that in the world. Thank you!


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