My favourite view

There's this one hill where we live and we call it Turtle Hill (even though that's not actually its name). We climb it occasionally (it's more of a climbing track than a hill) for a break and a bit of exercise. 

At the bottom, bush turkeys roam around the grass, looking for leftover food that picnickers have left behind, but we usually ignore them besides Dad making a passing comment about catching one and having it for supper. 

We climb up the gravel slope, stopping only occasionally for a drink of water or to admire/freak out about/throw sticks at (not me, of course, I'm too scared to) the large spiders that have made webs over our heads. Sometimes, a hidden animal shuffles in the trees beside the path, but we never see what's making the noise. 

At the first lookout, we stop to look for what gave the hill its name. Far below our worn-down wooden platform that doubles as a lookout and rest stop, the occasional brown circle will rise to the top of the gently crashing waves. A turtle! we yell, pointing before it disappears back into its murky home. I look at the sign written in both English, German and Chinese that warns about the dangers of falling four stories to the rocky beach. 

A few paces up the hill is another lookout, but this one lacks the turtles. It does, however, look out over the ocean to the many islands surrounded by the gliding aquamarine waters. When it's a windy day, I love standing as close to the railing as possible and letting the cool air whip my hair around. 

It's a longer climb to the top, but we manage it, sweating in the muggy Queensland air, our legs burning from climbing the many stairs.

And at the top?



  1. Sounds like a great spot, and the view looks amazing. But, ew, giant spiders. *shudders* And random animals? I think I'm content just looking at the picture, thank you very much. :P

    1. Hahaha, yeah, it can be a bit disturbing sometimes, but the view is absolutely amazing. I have to pinch myself everytime we go to the top just to make sure it's real :)


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