A bit of a life update

This post comes to you in a list, because I like lists. Lists are cool. (Just like bowties are cool. *flails with all the other Doctor Who fans* 

1. I've started university. Which is weird. And fun. And hard work. And mostly weird. Can we talk about how much work engineering is? It's a lot of math and driving and sitting and studying, but it's cool to be in the same place as people like me. 

2. The newest Spider-Man trailer came out and I'm dying, it's so beautiful. (Pfff, as if I'd get through an entire post without mentioning Spider-Man. Don't be ridiculous people.)

3. I did some dog sitting! I always love dog sitting. (Hence the photo for today's post.) If you have a dog, I will be there people. It's how I make friends, I kid you not. 

4. I have done next to no writing. To be honest it's a miracle the last three posts have gotten out on time, and let's not even mention my manuscripts. It's been at least five weeks since I've even looked at them, and it's making me very sad. But what can I do? School is school. 

5. There was a flood and a cyclone but we're all good now. Basically there was a lot of people panicking for little to no reason while I sat in the corner like a weirdo and enjoyed the copious amounts of rain being dumped on our heads. 

6. I bought some fish? It was a very spur of the moment thing but already I love them half to death. I've never owned fish before so we'll see how long they last before they go belly-up. (I'm optimistic. I've managed to not kill my indoor plants so far so this is a good step up.)

How's your life been lately? Is school driving you absolutely insane? Comment below, peeps.


  1. Wow, congratulations on university! I get that it's hard work, but you seem to have a very bright outlook and that'll serve you well. And hey, don't worry on the writing front: I've abandoned my WIP for about 3 weeks because motivation hath forsaken me. WHAT ARE THE NAMES OF YOUR FISH? I had some of my own and...then they died. *morbid instrumental music plays*


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