A little homesick

I woke up this morning to go to school and found dew on the grass outside. Its white sheen reminded me of the frost that used to cover our grass back home, beginning in September. 

For me, September was a time of warm sweatshirts and dragging your jeans out from the rubbermaid bins hiding in the back of your closet. It was a time of running shoes and back to school sales, digging up frozen carrots (we left them in the ground until it froze because it made them sweeter), binders, pencil shavings, your breath turning into fog, first day of school pictures. It was a time of the nostalgic lump in your chest as you said goodbye to summer, picking the last of the crab apples from the trees in our backyard, meeting up with old friends, preparing for winter, waving to the Canadian geese as they honked during their migration south for the winter in their V shaped flight pattern. 

It was the time of the frosted grass crunching underneath your new shoes as you walked to school in the morning. 

And it made me feel homesick. 


  1. Aw, I'm sorry. Moving provides a lot of new and great experiences, but sometimes it takes away from an experience you used to love, too. :( I hope you get to enjoy that experience again sometime.

    1. Thanks :) yeah, it can be difficult, especially with moments like those, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

  2. What a beautiful post. One day you'll have the chance to return to Canada and it will all the sweeter for coming home.


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