Bonus Post: Where I stand on Batman vs Superman

My favourite superhero is Spider-Man and I'm not a huge DC fan, so I don't have a whole lot staked on this argument. My sister's favourite superhero is Batman, though, so DC's newest movie is simultaneously destroying her and building her from the ashes of Christian Bale quitting. 

Look at Wonder Woman and how awesome she is!!!
(But she will never beat Black Widow. Ever.) 

She loves Batman so much that she wears her Batman t-shirt and pajama pants as often as humanly possible, and her contact on our address book is "Batman". She got Siri to call her "Batman" and as a result was thrilled for hours on end, draws the best bats I have ever seen and has a gigantic bat on her school binder. 

Needless to say, I would be on Superman's side just to annoy her, but that would end in my swift execution. 

So I'm team Batman. 

(Although if you ask me when my sister can't hear, I would probably say Batman anyways (because the trilogy was truly awesome), although I suspect I'll end up being team Wonder Woman/Lex Luthor in the end.) 

What about you guys? Are you team Batman, Superman, Spider-Man (who are we kidding, we're all team Spidey) or do you think the whole thing is stupid and they should just get on with beating up bad guys? (I was the last one until I saw the new trailer, which was epic.)


  1. I agree. I did LOVE the trilogy and Batman is one of my favorite superheroes, although many Marvel characters rank above him. Not sure how I feel about Spiderman, though. I've only seen one of the movies. :P

    1. Yep, Batman is pretty awesome. And the trilogy... Wow. Just wow.

      I actually don't love most of the Spider-Man movies (and I hate the trilogy), but that's a rant for another day.

  2. Spider man all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But if I had to make a decision between Batman and Superman, I'd go with Batman :) Can't wait until the movie!

    1. YES!!!! Totally agree. Spider-Man is incredibly awesome, and Batman is (less) awesome (but still totally cool). Superman kinda annoys me. He's too heroic/perfect/serious.

  3. Batman All The Way22 August 2015 at 09:13

    It's nice to see team Batman on this page. I'm team Batman all the way. While DC isn't the best, and Marvel is pretty awesome, we can all agree the Dark Knight Trilogy shone through and passed our expectations, blew our minds and completed our lives.
    But, yeah. I'm not team DC - let's take a trip down memory lane. Crappy DC movies include:
    1. Green Lantern (I can not stress the importance of this being first place in the list)
    2. Watchmen
    3. Any of The Flash adaptations
    4. Man of Steel
    5. Any of the OLD Batmans (before the Dark Knight Trilogy)

    The list goes on. I'm definitely a Marvel gal. But let's keep our fingers crossed for Batman vs Superman. And possibly Suicide Squad...? A little dark for my taste, but we'll see how it goes.

    1. I would have never guessed you were on team Batman ;) And yes, the Dark Knight Trilogy shone through and passed our expectations, blew our minds and completed our lives. (Actually, an Artemis Fowl movie would complete my life, but yeah.) And I agree with your list EXCEPT Man of Steel wasn't awful. I actually enjoyed most of it, but it was pretty average. I so hope this new movie will blow our eyebrows off, but I think the Avengers already did that.

      Well, I'm too scared to watch the trailer for Suicide Squad, so I don't think I'll be going to that. I'm not terribly happy about how dark DC is going. I think they're trying to do something different from Marvel, which is good, but still. Dark and scary stuff freaks me out (hence why I love Tangled and Frozen so much. I KNOW I'M TOO OLD BUT THEY'RE STILL AWESOME, OK?)

  4. Batman All The Way22 August 2015 at 14:12

    I agree with the darkness factor going a bit far. The only reason I'm holding out on Suicide Squad is because it has Batman in it. I do have a few problems with Tangled and Frozen, though. That's for a whole other post... Do a movie review on them please, and you can be sure to see a comment soon :)
    Have a nice day :)


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