Bonus Post: In which I get distracted while writing

First off, I'd like to point out that I've slightly updated my design. It was mostly because I didn't have an "About" page, which maybe wasn't awesome. You can check out the page about me here and the page about my WIPs here. (Or you could always click on the buttons up top.)

And now onto the bonus-ness! (Which is now a word, by the way.)

I'll sit down to write, and this is usually how my thought process goes -

Great, I have half an hour to write. I'm going to get so much done! Ok, write, write, write. Woohoo! Two paragraphs done. Man, I'm hungry. No, I need to keep writing. You know, I really like this character. Plus, he had no idea what's coming. But wait, am I writing him right? I can't really write him perfectly if I'm not a guy, so what do I do? What if he actually sucks? I know. Google! *googles for half an hour* Ok, I've successfully wasted half an hour and have learned nothing on how guys think. Great. Ok, I need to sit down and write. *writes another paragraph* Something smells. It's like I've left a wet t-shirt in here. I'll have to check that out. Focus! It's getting late. *writes another paragraph* I'm getting tired now. Nope, keep going. I only have half this stupid book to re-write. Urgh! This was a stupid idea. Oh, I know! It's my towel that smells! I must get that out of here. Snap, I have to fill in my English form. And I have my French homework to do! Well, there's only one course of action. I must write a blog post. And I can't forget to set my alarm so I can call my friend in the morning. Hmmm, I should probably get back to my WIP.

Does anyone else get distracted while writing? Share your experiences of procrastination with me in the comments!


  1. I like the new changes you've made! XD Your thought process is so true, lol. I get distracted too... and that's where all my blog comments come from... ha...

    1. Thanks! Hahaha, yes, I think we writers are creatures of procrastination and distraction.


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