Questions I hate being asked

Just as a disclaimer for all you jabberwockies out there, if you've asked me any of these questions before I (probably) won't come at you with a sledgehammer. Promise. I will, however, ask that if you're going to ask one of these questions - which I'll usually answer without a problem - that you at least word it differently or put a spin on it. Seriously, I get asked these questions a lot. And it gets very repetitive. (And as a bonus, I've now answered all the questions! So now I suppose I can just refer people to this post...) 

1) Where's your accent from?
Well, my accent is from me, but I'm from Canada. I don't like this question because a) it's badly worded and b) because it reminds me that I stick out as soon as I open my mouth. While it's nice to have an automatic conversation starter, especially if I've just met someone new, having the same conversation again and again gets pretty old. 

2) Are you American? 
This is a variation of question one that I get asked quite often. I get that it can be super difficult to tell Canadian/American accents apart, especially if it's a "typical" American accent. I personally can't tell them apart either and I don't usually mind getting called American, but when you get called American ten times in a row it gets tiring. There is nothing you can do to avoid it except asking an open-ended question, like "Where are you from?". So if I snap at you for calling me American, I'm sorry, but it's probably about the tenth time I've been called American. 

3) Don't you know there's snakes and spiders and crocodiles in Australia? 
You'd be surprised how often I was asked this before we moved. My general response was "Nooooo, what? When did that happen? It's not like Australia is known for having really dangerous and scary animals or anything. I had no idea." Plus, I could never figure out what people were hoping to achieve with this question. Were they trying to stop me from moving for some reason? Were they trying to make me even more apprehensive than I already was? Were they confirming their own fears? WHAT DO YOU WANT? 

4) Why are you moving?/Why did you move? 
I seriously don't like this question because I don't know the answer. I usually jokingly say it was because of the cold, and we all laugh and move on. My family and I have had this discussion many times, and we still can't put it into one complete reason. Yes, it was partly because of the weather, which was depressing and freezing and generally not awesome. But it was also to see the world, to have an adventure. It was getting away from the small-town mentality (I was born here, and I'm gonna die here!), it was spending time in a country that we loved, it was making new memories, it was meeting new friends. And, to be honest, God wanted us to come here and that reason was the hardest to pin down. Why did He want us here? I don't know. Maybe I will one day. But He wanted us here, so He put that desire in our hearts and here we are. 

You trying answering that in one or two sentences. 

5) Do you like Canada or Australia better? 
Seriously? How am I supposed to answer that one? Of course, I'm assuming the person asking is wanting us to like their country better. This usually has undertones of "Where are you planning to live the rest of your life?", which is also a stupid question because I don't have my life planned out that far into the future. Besides, if I say that I like either country better someone is going to be offended. Sometimes I want to say something stupid, like "Oh, I hate it in Australia. The people are awful. I'm moving back the first chance I get", or "Canada is terrible. I'm never going back" or even "Nah, they both suck. I'm moving to France" just to surprise people. 

This question is kind of like question four. I have no idea which one I like better. Individual aspects can be evaluated (Canadian food is better, but you can't beat Australian weather) but the whole country? I love them both. (My life is a giant love triangle. It often sucks.) Besides, this is a question that I've struggled with for the past three years, and I've come up with a decision; I've better start saving now, because there's going to be quite a few plane rides in my future. I can't chose one or the other, because both of them have become such a huge part of my life that it would be like choosing between two parts of myself. 

6) Do you know Justin Bieber? 
I kid you not. I have been asked this at least three times, which, considering the question, is an awful lot. My sister once had one or two girls convinced that his igloo was next to ours, but we were homeless in the summer because our igloos melted. Seriously. 100% true. Do not ask me this. Or, if you want, feel free to. It always gives me something to laugh about later. 

7) Was it cold in Canada? 
This is similar to the snakes and spiders question. No, duh. Canada is cold in the winter. It is also warm in the summer. Surprise! Just like most other places in the world. 

8) It's what season in Australia/Canada? Your school years are different? Really? When did this happen? 
The reason why I get annoyed with this is because I often tell people the answer more than once. Imagine you have ten people asking the question (which I don't mind answering). Then, imagine them all forgetting and asking again. Not fun. Besides, people with a basic understanding of science and how the earth spins on its axis should know that we have opposite seasons. Sure, the school year thing can be confusing but I don't enjoy explaining it 100 times (I covered that topic here). So please, if you've already asked, please try to remember the answer. 

And that's about it! My top eight most hated questions that I get asked all the time. Are there any questions you hate getting asked? 


  1. I'm from Canada, and I too am sick of being asked if it's cold here! Obviously, yes, yes it is. I've only ever lived here, so I can't imagine what it must be like to have two parts of your identity in two different countries.

    Really interesting post:)

    1. I know, right? It's obviously cold, especially in the winter because winter tends to be cold (surprise!) Yep, that one gets pretty difficult some days, especially since you're kinda expected to pick a single country and leave your identity with that one place. Thank you!!

  2. I hate being asked: What are your plans for the future? Sure I can tell them that I want to study science at uni, climb a mountain etc. and all that other sort of stuff but I have noticed lately that question is becoming increasingly frequent, so much so that often the response is just "stuff" :)

    Awesome post! It must be a very interesting life you have :)

    1. Elephant hunting. Say you want to hunt elephants. They'll never ask you again :)

      I'm guilty of asking that one, mostly because I'm trying to ask ARE YOU LEAVING ME??!?! I guess you get asked more when you get closer to graduation. But "stuff" is a very good answer.

      Thank you! And thanks for commenting, it means a lot!!!

  3. I'm in school to become a vet tech (like an animal nurse). My least favorite question is "When are you going to be done with vet school?" or "When are you applying to vet school?" or "Why don't you want to be a vet?" *Sigh*. It's hard to pick. I do, however, like explaining WHAT I do. Because it's an awesome job. Nice post!

    1. Ooh, that's so cool! I can see why those questions would get annoying. Thanks!

  4. Wait, DO you know Justin Beiber? I jest, I jest. XD I think no one likes being asked questions by people who make assumptions about the stereotypes rather than actually considering the reality of the matter. I'm sorry that getting asked such questions is difficult. :(

    1. Hahaha :) nope, JB and I are not BFFs. You're totally right. About half of these questions are based on stereotypes and it drives me insane. I'll live, I'm sure, it just feels good to rant every once and a while :)

  5. HA! I love this post! I am English but I live in Scotland so I can relate A LOT to some of these! The rest of the world apparently can't tell the difference between different British accents, so I can imagine the frustration of the Canadian/American thing. But it's also when people tell me I'm not Glaswegian because I'm English. And I'm like hello, I've lived in Glasgow for over 10 years, I was six when I left England and lived in a small village so Glasgow is the only city I've ever had ... ! I can be English and Glaswegian! National identity is such a complex thing.

    #6 made me laugh a lot.

    1. Thank you! Well, I may or may not be one of the people who can't tell the accents apart... *sigh* I try. I don't mind too often when people get confused (I love the States, after all) but it's just the repetition, I think. Aw, that sucks. People shouldn't tell you who you are or aren't. I think if you feel like you belong somewhere then that place becomes part of your identity. National identity is SO complicated. I know I get confused about where I belong/my identity all the time so I couldn't imagine what it must be like for someone else trying to understand.

      Hahaha, that's awesome! Thanks for commenting!


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