Things I love about snow

1) It sets the mood for Christmas
2) It tastes all fresh and cold and exciting
3) It makes you feel calm
4) It allows you to wear winter fashion
5) Snowmen
6) It covers up the dirt
7) You can dig tunnels in the pile on your front lawn with your siblings
8) Snow angels
9) Skiing and snowboarding with friends and family
10) You can jump from high places and land safe
11) It can take your breath away in more ways than one
12) You can make igloos in your backyard
13) Snowball fights
14) You get hot chocolate after playing outside in the snow
15) You can tag along with your dad when he snowplows a path to school and stand in the raining snow
16) You can burrow down underneath its blankets and feel like a cozy polar bear
17) You can slip down the slides at school and build up a snow pile as you go along
18) It lands on your hair and makes you feel like a snow princess
19) Sledding at the hill near the parking lot of your old school
20) You can make steps out of snow to help you climb onto your fence to ambush siblings


  1. I like snow when it is on the ground but not when it is on my car. Otherwise, these are all loverly things. :)

    1. Yep, snow on your car is pretty annoying. Snow on the driveway isn't fun, either, but it is beautiful in so many other ways. Thanks for commenting!


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