Writerly things I'm addicted to

Before I get started, has everyone taken the Appreciate an Artist Week Challenge? Yes? Good. Moving on.


I've said it before and I'll say it again, writers are weird. We do weird stuff like write for hours and hours because we can, and our best friends are imaginary. (Well, mine are, anyways. No judging!)

Then again, my journey to becoming a writer started with me being a reader, so I'm blaming a lot of the following weirdness on the fact that I'm first and foremost a reader.

I'm addicted to quite a bit of weird stuff (including lists and the following).

Scarves - I know. What? Where did this one come from? It's partly because I take French, and I have it set in my mind that the French wear scarves, but it's also because I have this idea that authors wear scarves as well. Yeah, I don't get it. But I do have a nice collection of scarves (that I can't wear. Because Queensland.) 

Ladders - Another weird one. (I warned you, didn't I?) This one's from Beauty and the Beast, where Belle's singing in the library and she rolls across the shelves while standing on that slidey ladder thing. I was in love instantly. (Forget the prince. Who needs a prince when you have a library?) Recently, because my bookshelf is too tall, I got a ladder that has a permanent place beside my bookshelf. It's not slidey, but it's too amazing to complain about. (I get to climb up my ladder like a librarian! How cool is that?!?!?!)

This has been my fantasy for years. *sighs*

Notebooks - Ever since I started journaling, I've fallen in love with notebooks. Seriously, I just can't say no. I have notebooks that I'm afraid to write in because they're just too beautiful (including a Harry Potter one where the cover is the school uniform and a leather one, both of which are gorgeous). Yeah, I need to start avoiding that section in Chapters.

Books - Well, this one's a given.

Chocolate - Oh. My. Goodness. I love chocolate. Dark chocolate, raspberry chocolate, chocolate milk, milk chocolate, I love it all! There's something awesome about sitting down to read with a bar of chocolate beside you. Who needs to rule the world when there's chocolate? (On a side note, I'd be the worst hero in the world. I'd stand up to the villain and be like "Dude! Not cool!" and he'd give me books and chocolate and I would l be his best friend.)

Armchairs - To sit down in a big comfy armchair in front of the roaring fire with a bar of chocolate while wearing a scarf and reading your favourite book... Heaven.

Do you agree with anything in my list? What are the writerly things you're addicted to? 


  1. You neglected to mention coffee/tea and I'm not sure I can hop on the scarf bandwagon, but I would agree!

    1. Oh, I did! Thanks for reminding me!!! I personally can't do coffee, but I'm a huge hot chocolate and tea fan. Yep, the scarf thing is a bit out there, but every time I walk into a gift store it's the books and scarves that are drawing my attention. French people just look so awesome with scarves.

  2. Milo... definitely milo :)

    1. Ah, yes! I have just gotten into milo recently and I LOVE IT!

  3. Notebooks, chocolate, books, and armchairs—more or less me. I have to agree with Rachel that tea is also the sustenance I live on in the cooler months (and sometimes the warmer ones if it isn't /that/ warm), and I would also say that office supplies are a writerly vice. But we all need those sometimes. :)

    1. Tea is awesome. Especially if it has lots of sugar in it. I love office supply stores but I never buy anything because I mostly work on the computer. Thanks for commenting!


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