Bonus Post: Get to Know Me tag

Thanks to Liz @ Out of Coffee, Out of Mind for tagging me! 


Vital stats-

Name: Victoria Jackson

Nicknames: I don't have many nicknames, but sometimes my family calls me Brick (from "The Middle"). I would be insulted if it wasn't occasionally true. 

Birthday: January 2nd. 

Place of birth: Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Star sign: No clue, and I'm too lazy to look it up. 

Occupation: Pharmacy assistant. (I've been having a minor identity crisis lately because I'm no longer a student. It's weird to not be in school any more.)


Hair colour: It's like this brown reddish blonde colour with my purple streak. 

Hair length: Goodness, I don't know. Long? It's about halfway between my waist and my shoulders. 

Eye colour: Blue-green. (This tag is really testing my knowledge of myself.)

Best feature: My killer good looks. I have to hire full-time lawyers to keep the lawsuits away from the people who've dropped dead just from looking at me. (I kid you not.) 

Braces: I got them removed last November. 

Tattoos: None, nor do I have plans. 

Righty or lefty: Righty. 


First best friend: Goodness, that was a long time ago. I don't remember who was first, actually. Anyways, I have friends. (Don't doubt me.)

Award: The first proper award I received was a Striving for Excellence. It was fun. We got to go to this awards night and shake hands and take pictures and get dressed up. (More recently, I won top of French (but I don't know how much that counts because I was the only one in my class, so...))

Sport: Uh, swimming, I do believe. 

Concert: Casting Crowns. It was awesome, but since then I've misplaced my t-shirt I bought from them. :/


Film: Why would you ask this? WHY. I have like ten million favourite movies. If I had to chose, though, I'd maybe say "How to Train Your Dragon" (THE SOUNDTRACK AND TOOTHLESS AND EVERYTHING IS JUST AWESOME) but I also love Marvel and Star Wars and LOTR and so, so many movies. 

TV show: "Doctor Who." Or "Horrible Histories." Or "Parks and Recreation." Or, or, or, or...

Colour: Purple. 

Song: This is insanely hard. Errr, anything by Owl City, Hawk Nelson's "Diamonds" (the album), Mandisa's "Overcomer" album, MercyMe, Nat King Cole, there's this Celtic Reflections album I'm in love with, Imagine Dragons, Petra's "Sleeping Giant" and George Ezra's "Blame it on Me." I know I broke the rules and just listed a bunch of artists I love, but whatever, I guess. 

Restaurant: Bosten Pizza. <3 It's been too long. 

Shop: Chapters!

Book: The Artemis Fowl series. If I HAD to narrow it down, I'd say "The Lost Colony". Still, I could go forever on my favourite books. 

Magazine: Um, National Geographic, maybe? I'm not big into magazines. 

Shoes: Birkenstocks. Every time. 


Feeling: Pretty good. Life's good. 

Single or taken: Single. (Remember my killer looks? I kill off any possible boyfriends the moment they look at me.)

Eating: I just finished my hot chocolate, so I don't know if that counts. 

Listening to: "God Who is Able" by Fridays Cry. It's a great song. Go listen to it. Also Hawk Nelson's "Live Like You're Loved." LOVE IT.

Thinking about: You do not want to know what goes on in my head. (Although I often contemplate how horrible of a writer I am. Obviously I have some kind of belief in my writing ability, but it's just that I'm so mean. In each book I write I try to find my character's worst fear then make it come true. I break their poor little hearts and murder people left and right.)

Watching: Nothing at the moment, but I just finished "Home" which was really, really cute. 

Wearing: My Gandalf t-shirt I got from New Zealand and yoga shorts. 


Want children: I don't know. It's hard thinking about this because I'm 17 and I definitely do not want kids now. 

Want to be married: If the right guy comes along. I wouldn't marry for the sake of getting married (but Mom, all my friends are married!!) 

Careers in mind: Civil engineer, writer. Translator (French) or math teacher if I get bored. 

Where do you want to live: Hahahaha. Canada, Australia, France. It'd be fun to live in the US of A for a year, and England would be awesome. I'd love to live in Japan for a year, too. I  shall live everywhere. 

Do you believe in-

God: Yes. 

Miracles: Yes.

Love at first sight: Nope. 

Ghosts: No.

Aliens: Nope. 

Soul mates: Yeah. I don't think they have to be romantic soul mates, though. 

Heaven: Yep. 

Hell: Yes. 

Kissing on the first date: No. Ew. Why. 

Yourself: Most days.

All finished. That was harder than I thought it would be. I would tag people, but Liz already tagged pretty much everyone I know so if you want to do this tell me in the comments and I'll pop a link in. 

Have any questions for me? Ask me in the comments!


  1. YES the How To Train Your Dragon soundtrack is AMAZING!! It's definitely one of my favorites, and I listen to movie scores all the time, especially when I'm studying. It's just so perfect for the film.

    I definitely understand not being able to pick a favorite song. Good for you for just deciding that the one-song restriction is useless. I usually end up having a small crisis because I want to stick to it and then I can't pick ANYTHING.

    Thanks for visiting Lost in My Library!

    1. I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!?! Movies scores are the best. Have you listened to the Cinderella (2015) one? Patrick Doyle is my new favourite, with John Powell being my old favourite. Plus Thomas Newman, Michael Giacchino, Hans Zimmer, Randy Newman... Basically anything Disney. (Sorry, I can ramble a bit with my favourite composers.)

      Favourite one thing anything is useless. I have only come to find my favourite book after years and years of beating my head against a wall and trying to not think about the other beautiful darlings I'm not mentioning. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Your killer good looks. *nods* I struggle with this problem as well. It's the worst ever. SO MANY LAWSUITS OH MY GOODNESS.

    We almost have the same birthday--that's so cool. :P

    You ARE an evil writer. *files lawsuit*

    Thanks for doing the tag! I really enjoyed reading your answers. :)

    1. My lawyers advised against putting my face up on the Internet. I could destroy the world's population. LIFE IS JUST SO HARD.

      *bows* Thank you, thank you very much. If I'm not an evil writer, I'm not doing my job.

      Thanks for tagging me/reading/commenting/being awesome!

  3. I LOVE HORRIBLE HISTORIES. IT IS SO FUNNY. AND COMPLETELY MATCHES MY MATURITY IN HUMOR. I think The Opal Deception or Last Guardian might be my favorite AF book... But I don't know. It is too hard to decide. Thanks for sharing all this stuff about yourself! :)


      Yeah, in theory I like them but they're so hard on me emotionally that I just can't read them all the time. I think those are the two most heart-breaking books in the series. Thanks for reading, Heather!

  4. "brown reddish blonde" hair?? That narrows it down ;)

    I loved reading this! A lot of agreement here.


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