Oh, the Places You'll Go: Milan

Alright, I just really loved Milan, ok?

We had a huge hotel room (I may or may not have gotten lost once or twice. Seriously, it was huge. Also, I locked myself in the bathroom accidentally and I had to spend a good ten minutes messing with the stupid but beautiful skeleton key when our train was leaving in half an hour). 

THEN THERE WAS THIS THING. It was a bookstore.
On the side of the street. Just sitting there. Hardcover books in

The Expo had just finished in November, so it was really interesting to see the blend of incredibly old and incredibly new mixing. It was a holiday for the day we were there and the weather was really nice (15-20 degrees C, sunny), so we were able to waltz down the near-empty street (ok, maybe not waltz, but walk, definitely), enjoying the weather and the quiet afternoon. So much of Milan felt beautiful for beauty's sake: streamers in an air vent, bubbles, street bookstores (see above), a street of world flags, beautiful balcony railings (like everywhere in Europe), etc. etc.

Then we went to this castle thing, which was super cool. Castles are awesome. And huge. How did people build things that big with limited technology? I can't even build a card castle.

The castle and me.

The Milan Cathedral was incredibly cool. Of course, it was packed with people which was less fun, but it was still pretty cool. Dad had some birdseed, so all the pigeons attacked him and he looked like a nerd in a comic convention. Also, I'd hate to skydive onto the cathedral. There were so many spikes on the top that I'd be slightly worried about being impaled (in this theoretical situation where I'm skydiving over Italy). 

We were able to go to the top of the cathedral and the view from the roof was incredible. We could see for miles, then the sun went down and we took pictures of the sunset. (There were also lots of people kissing on the roof, which I thought was mildly inappropriate. Like yeah, church, but also public place!)

I love this picture. Is the statue shaking his
fist at the city or the sky?

At the bottom of the cathedral. 

I wished we would have had more than one day in Milan, because as it was we only saw the highlights (and we missed out on The Last Supper because you had to book two weeks in advance and... we... um... didn't.) I think the thing I loved the most about Milan was how it was so calm, beautiful and relaxing. I wished we could have spent more time there. 

How many of you have accidentally locked yourself in the bathroom before? Now that our "tour" of Italy is done, which city (Rome, Venice, Milan) would you like to visit the most? (Next week, Switzerland!) 


  1. I've never locked myself in the bathroom, but I did lock myself in the choir loft at church once. That was a little terrifying.

    I think I would lean toward Venice, just because the idea of a floating city is incredible.

    Also, you aced it with the pictures again!

    1. Oh my goodness, yes, I'd be pretty terrified if I did that. How did you get out? Did someone have to come rescue you? I'd be afraid that they'd forget me (which actually did happen once while I was in France with the school trip...)

      Yeah, Venice was completely amazing, and I'm sure you'd love it. And thank you! I had so much fun running around Europe with my camera. Thanks for commenting!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS, I'M DYING. I've never locked myself in a fancy bathroom before, but I can imagine it would be mildly terrifying. :P I once locked myself out of my apartment bathroom, somehow, and I had to pick the lock to get in. That was a little stressful.

    These photos are so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing about your travels with us. It feels like I'm traveling too. *nods* Anyway, thinking about skydiving over that cathedral being a bad idea--it's totally a legitimate thought. I like the way your mind works.

    Milan sounds really cool. Now I have to go there too. :P

    1. Hahaha, that's hilarious! I hope you got in alright :)

      Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. YES. DON'T SKYDIVE ONTO THE CATHEDRAL.

  3. I still think I'd like to visit Venice the most, but that's just because of The Thief Lord mostly ...

    Lovely pictures! Milan sounds amazing. I love the black and white one with an accent. Is that you or just random people?


    "beautiful balcony railings (like everywhere in Europe)" hahahahah come to Glasgow ;)

    Lovely post!

    1. Yep, The Thief Lord is utterly amazing.

      Thank you! It really was. They were just random people I saw. (And thanks, it's one of my favourites :) )


      I just might have to :) Thanks, Emily!


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