Bonus Post: Little things I'm enjoying as a recent graduate

In case I haven't already shouted it from the rooftops, I have recently graduated from high school. (And you thought those posts were over :) )

I've been enjoying a few luxuries lately, and it's been fantastic.  

1) I can wear whatever earrings I want. Dangly earrings, blue earrings, flower earrings, ANYTHING. 

2) I have a normal sleep routine. You'd think I wouldn't because I don't have to get up in the morning, but I don't have to stay up late to write/read/watch Youtube videos, so I can get up earlier and not be completely tired. 

3) I can go for walks whenever I want, as often as I want. It makes me happy. 

4) I have doubled (tripled?) my reading and writing time. And I don't feel guilty about it!

5) I get to blog more and leave for comments for all you lovely jabberwockies. 

What are the simple luxuries you enjoy everyday? If you had one more hour in your day, what would you do with it?


  1. AHHH CONGRATS ON GRADUATING HIGHSCHOOL. Best feeling of ever, amirite?! And having more writing/reading time is just the most best thing in the world. :') Also going for walks whenever is really really nice!! Going for walks is THE BEST. One of my favourite things to do actually, heheh.

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. YES IT TOTALLY IS! Going for walks is amazing. It's great for figuring out plot holes, too. Thanks for commenting, Cait!

  2. MORE READING AND WRITING TIME. Yes. I love the freedom of being able to blog and write and read way more than I did before. I mean, I enjoyed school, and I always want to be learning, but yeah. It's so freeing to be free. :P

    1. Isn't it awesome?!?! *nods* You said it best.

  3. ...But why couldn't you wear whatever earrings you wanted before?

    Also, yay for graduating and for getting more reading/writing time! Keep at it! :D

    1. Catholic school :/ One earring per ear only, lower lobe, stud, pearl or small hoops, cannot have color or design and must be smaller than your earlobe.


      And thank you! I'm enjoying it so much.

  4. I LOVE THIS POST. I am seriously considering doing a gap year (no word of a lie!) and it sounds amaaaaazing. Like, being able to go to bed earlier because you've actually done all the things you wanted to do in the day because you actually have enough time?? HOW COOL MUST THAT BE?!

    (As you see, I'm still more than a fortnight back in my feed. But I'm getting there. Slowly. Ugh, the problem is, as soon as I'm sort of coming sort of near to kinda catching up, life takes over and I have four days without blogging and therefore ... four days' more posts. THE STRUGGLES.)

    Looking forward to reading your Milan post!

    1. DO IT. IT ROCKS.

      Don't worry about, Emily! Just enjoy life and blogging and writing and reading and stuff. Thank you so much for commenting!


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