When it rains, it pours (Queensland floods)

For some reason, people keep telling me that winter is the dry season. (It's just like when my sister tells me that Batman is better than Spider-Man, or when a friend of mine tells me that Ant-Man is better than Spider-Man, or etc. etc.) Of course, then a practical monsoon comes our way and is like HEY GUYS I'M HERE! (I like to imagine it came through with a good Imperial March theme song.) 

So anyways, the rain started on Friday. Our tin roof rattled all day and night, and by the time Saturday morning came around I was worried about getting to work. There are two different ways to get there, and the way I usually went was flooded. Saturdays are short days for me, and I finished at one o'clock. By the time twelve o'clock came around, the pharmacist and I (we lived on the same street) were worried about the other route getting cut off by the floods. She ended up driving me home, then my mom picked the car up later. 

I bravely put my hair up, wrote my last will and testament and pulled on my raincoat then ventured outside. Thankfully, I'd hidden my camera inside a plastic bag so I didn't immediately ruin it. I risked life and limb to take some pictures of my block, so please enjoy.

Someone's driveway.

A few hours later, this was almost underwater. 

Does it ever flood where you live? 


  1. Rainbow Magic Fairy19 July 2016 at 12:32

    Ant-Man is definitely better than spiderman!!!! :) ha ha ha

  2. It would have been sad if you had gotten hurt, but I am grateful for the pictures you took because pictures of flooding are both sad and beautiful. *nods*

    But like, MY GOODNESS. That's water. (Yes, I'm always this eloquent when I'm blown away.)

    A couple years ago, the camp I was working at flooded pretty badly, and my dorms had water in them that came up to my knees. There was a portion of the walkway that washed away and the water didn't look deep, but it was deep and it had a strong current and it almost knocked me off my feet and washed me into the lake because I wasn't prepared. We had to watch to make sure none of the little campers got swept away, because that would have been bad for the camp's insurance, among other things. :P But that's the most I've had with flooding really, except the occasional bad rain that caused our cellar to flood.

    1. I was being a bit dramatic ;) But it was raining pretty hard.

      I'm impressed by your eloquence, Liz, as always.

      That's crazy! I'd be so scared! And yes, that would have been so bad the for insurance, never mind the little campers who get swept away...

  3. Wow! I've never experienced anything like that. I find it strangely fascinating. I remember we had a minor minor flood in our city once, but it was gone in a couple of hours.

    Thanks for sharing your experience!

    1. I'm glad you find it fascinating :) And that's good that it doesn't flood where you live, it totally messes with the roads and stuff. Thanks for reading!

  4. Wow... Wow. I live in a more semi-arid climate and so while my basement has flooded, I've never lived anywhere with something as close to the magnitude that is present in your town! Wow!


    Australia looks even more scary o.O

    It DOES flood in Ireland, but not as much as other places. And I've never lived in a place that floods.

    It does flood


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