Friday, 26 February 2016

In which I guest post a lot

Today I'm guest posting over at The Book Hound with RM Lutz and I talked about how sharing your work is terrifying and also kinda beautiful. I'm also at Out of Coffee, Out of Mind with Liz. (Yes, I am slowly taking over the Internet. Deal with it.) Make sure you check it out, and check out the rest of their blogs because they are both fabulous people with awesome blogs. 

Friday, 19 February 2016

The Bookshelf tag

Thank you, Heather @ Sometimes I'm a Story for tagging me! 

The Rules:
-The book(s) you answer with must be from your bookshelf.
-Take of a picture of your bookshelf, if possible, or you could include pictures of your dream shelf. 
-Tag people.

Welcome, jabberwockies, to my bookshelf. 

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Bonus Post: Little things I'm enjoying as a recent graduate

In case I haven't already shouted it from the rooftops, I have recently graduated from high school. (And you thought those posts were over :) )

I've been enjoying a few luxuries lately, and it's been fantastic.  

1) I can wear whatever earrings I want. Dangly earrings, blue earrings, flower earrings, ANYTHING. 

2) I have a normal sleep routine. You'd think I wouldn't because I don't have to get up in the morning, but I don't have to stay up late to write/read/watch Youtube videos, so I can get up earlier and not be completely tired. 

3) I can go for walks whenever I want, as often as I want. It makes me happy. 

4) I have doubled (tripled?) my reading and writing time. And I don't feel guilty about it!

5) I get to blog more and leave for comments for all you lovely jabberwockies. 

What are the simple luxuries you enjoy everyday? If you had one more hour in your day, what would you do with it?

Friday, 12 February 2016

Starting Sparks: Zoe + Death + Rapunzel

Hello, my lovely jabberwockies. Today I'm linking up with Starting Sparks which is hosted by Emily @ Ink Inc. and Ashley @ [insert title here] (which is simultaneously weird and cool because I've never done this before so we'll see how it goes).

This month's prompt is to rewrite a fairytale using the characters in your novel. So. I'm using my previous WIP, "Zoe + Death, BFFs" (which I've talked about here and here and here) and Rapunzel (mostly because I adore "Tangled").  


Zoe glared at the opposite corner. Everything in this stupid tower was the same. The same whitewashed bricks, the same worn floorboards, the same stupid pictures on the stupid wall. Generally, everything was stupid, including her mother. 

"No, dear," Mom would always say. "The world is too dangerous for you. You must stay in here, where it's safe." Please. It was fine for her to go out all the time but Zoe had to stay here. Where it was stupid. Did she mention it was stupid here?

She flung herself across the floor. The only thing to do was to play her guitar, and even that got old after a few years of being locked in here. Still, she was good at entertaining herself. In recent years, she had read all the books in her too-small library, perfected a handstand and became the world's best Teenage Guitarist Who was Locked in a Tower. 

Zoe started as a familiar voice called from below. "Zoe, let down your hair!" She scrambled to her feet, raced towards the window and flung the ladder down. Her mother had suggested that she grew her hair out so she could use it instead of the ladder, but Zoe thought that idea was utterly ridiculous so she kept it short just to spite her. Death liked to remind her what a rebellious child she was. 

She grabbed her stopwatch and peered out to see Death struggling to climb the fraying rope ladder. It was especially hard for him when it was windy, and he had fallen off more than once. His neck would have broken a dozen times if he wasn't already dead. 

When Death reached the top, she held out her hand and helped him in. "Thank you," he said, panting. "I think I'm getting faster." 

Zoe checked her stopwatch. "Yeah, you totally are." He wasn't. He took ten seconds longer than last time. Being Death and everything, he could have just teleported into the tower but he claimed that he needed some exercise, hence the ladder climbing. 

They'd met a year ago. Death was passing by, having mistakenly teleported two miles too far to the left, and when he heard her playing guitar he decided to check it out. Thank goodness he did. She was dying of boredom, and once she decided that she didn't need to kill him to protect herself Zoe was pretty good with having a friend. Of course, it was weird being friends with the Grim Reaper, but whatevs, she guessed. 

Death propped his scythe up against the coat hanger and rummaged around in his bag before pulling a book out. "Here," he said. Zoe grabbed it. It was a music book. She grinned and gave him a big hug. He brought her paint once, but she threw it at his face and he never brought liquids again. 

"Alright, tell me everything," she said. Zoe settled into her bean bag and waited for his stories. He searched through his side bag and found a bundle of photographs. 

"This," he said, showing her a picture of a flat road through an endless desert, "is the Australian Outback. It's a desert that just goes for miles and miles!" 

Zoe snatched the picture and stared at it, then slid it into her box of Death's photos. She'd hidden it from her Mom and took it out whenever she was feeling particularly murderous. 

Death went through each of his pictures, telling her of the far-away places he'd visited. She sighed, tucked each of them into her box for safe keeping. 

"Zoe, ladder!" called someone. It was Mom. Zoe glanced at Death, then at the picture in her fingers. It showed the depths of the Amazon rainforest, with its high canopy and crowded plant life. It was a place she'd never get to see. 

She'd been locked in this tower for seventeen years for her own protection. She'd never felt the grass underneath her feet for fear of Mom finding out. Maybe, just maybe, she was done with lowering that ladder every day. 

Death noticed her change in mood. "You know," he said, twirling his scythe. "I can teleport." 

Zoe dragged herself to the window and bundled the ladder up in her arms, preparing to throw it out the window to let Mom up. "Your point being?"

"I can get you out of here," he said, rolling his eyes. "I seem to remember you saying something about wanting to go to Paris."

Zoe stared at him, her mom momentarily forgotten. "We... we can do that?" 

"Zoe!" Mom called. "What are you doing?" Her voice sounded distant, like a forgotten echo, from the top of her prison/tower. 

Death held out his hand. 

She stared at it. 

She took it. 

And they were gone. 


Well, that was fun but I suppose it'd make more sense if you've read the book and maybe if I'd expanded it by about 500 words or so, but anyways. I hope you enjoyed!

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Bonus Post: Get to Know Me tag

Thanks to Liz @ Out of Coffee, Out of Mind for tagging me! 


Vital stats-

Name: Victoria Jackson

Nicknames: I don't have many nicknames, but sometimes my family calls me Brick (from "The Middle"). I would be insulted if it wasn't occasionally true. 

Birthday: January 2nd. 

Place of birth: Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Star sign: No clue, and I'm too lazy to look it up. 

Occupation: Pharmacy assistant. (I've been having a minor identity crisis lately because I'm no longer a student. It's weird to not be in school any more.)


Hair colour: It's like this brown reddish blonde colour with my purple streak. 

Hair length: Goodness, I don't know. Long? It's about halfway between my waist and my shoulders. 

Eye colour: Blue-green. (This tag is really testing my knowledge of myself.)

Best feature: My killer good looks. I have to hire full-time lawyers to keep the lawsuits away from the people who've dropped dead just from looking at me. (I kid you not.) 

Braces: I got them removed last November. 

Tattoos: None, nor do I have plans. 

Righty or lefty: Righty. 


First best friend: Goodness, that was a long time ago. I don't remember who was first, actually. Anyways, I have friends. (Don't doubt me.)

Award: The first proper award I received was a Striving for Excellence. It was fun. We got to go to this awards night and shake hands and take pictures and get dressed up. (More recently, I won top of French (but I don't know how much that counts because I was the only one in my class, so...))

Sport: Uh, swimming, I do believe. 

Concert: Casting Crowns. It was awesome, but since then I've misplaced my t-shirt I bought from them. :/


Film: Why would you ask this? WHY. I have like ten million favourite movies. If I had to chose, though, I'd maybe say "How to Train Your Dragon" (THE SOUNDTRACK AND TOOTHLESS AND EVERYTHING IS JUST AWESOME) but I also love Marvel and Star Wars and LOTR and so, so many movies. 

TV show: "Doctor Who." Or "Horrible Histories." Or "Parks and Recreation." Or, or, or, or...

Colour: Purple. 

Song: This is insanely hard. Errr, anything by Owl City, Hawk Nelson's "Diamonds" (the album), Mandisa's "Overcomer" album, MercyMe, Nat King Cole, there's this Celtic Reflections album I'm in love with, Imagine Dragons, Petra's "Sleeping Giant" and George Ezra's "Blame it on Me." I know I broke the rules and just listed a bunch of artists I love, but whatever, I guess. 

Restaurant: Bosten Pizza. <3 It's been too long. 

Shop: Chapters!

Book: The Artemis Fowl series. If I HAD to narrow it down, I'd say "The Lost Colony". Still, I could go forever on my favourite books. 

Magazine: Um, National Geographic, maybe? I'm not big into magazines. 

Shoes: Birkenstocks. Every time. 


Feeling: Pretty good. Life's good. 

Single or taken: Single. (Remember my killer looks? I kill off any possible boyfriends the moment they look at me.)

Eating: I just finished my hot chocolate, so I don't know if that counts. 

Listening to: "God Who is Able" by Fridays Cry. It's a great song. Go listen to it. Also Hawk Nelson's "Live Like You're Loved." LOVE IT.

Thinking about: You do not want to know what goes on in my head. (Although I often contemplate how horrible of a writer I am. Obviously I have some kind of belief in my writing ability, but it's just that I'm so mean. In each book I write I try to find my character's worst fear then make it come true. I break their poor little hearts and murder people left and right.)

Watching: Nothing at the moment, but I just finished "Home" which was really, really cute. 

Wearing: My Gandalf t-shirt I got from New Zealand and yoga shorts. 


Want children: I don't know. It's hard thinking about this because I'm 17 and I definitely do not want kids now. 

Want to be married: If the right guy comes along. I wouldn't marry for the sake of getting married (but Mom, all my friends are married!!) 

Careers in mind: Civil engineer, writer. Translator (French) or math teacher if I get bored. 

Where do you want to live: Hahahaha. Canada, Australia, France. It'd be fun to live in the US of A for a year, and England would be awesome. I'd love to live in Japan for a year, too. I  shall live everywhere. 

Do you believe in-

God: Yes. 

Miracles: Yes.

Love at first sight: Nope. 

Ghosts: No.

Aliens: Nope. 

Soul mates: Yeah. I don't think they have to be romantic soul mates, though. 

Heaven: Yep. 

Hell: Yes. 

Kissing on the first date: No. Ew. Why. 

Yourself: Most days.

All finished. That was harder than I thought it would be. I would tag people, but Liz already tagged pretty much everyone I know so if you want to do this tell me in the comments and I'll pop a link in. 

Have any questions for me? Ask me in the comments!

Friday, 5 February 2016

I am a bad story blogger

Before I dive too deep into this, I'd like to define what exactly I mean by "story blogger." There are book bloggers (who discuss bookish things like reviews) and writing bloggers (who discuss writerly things like editing), then there are story bloggers like me who write about whatever they want whenever they feel like it. 

Cool, now that that's out of the way, I have a confession to make. I am a bad story blogger. 

The more I read other people's blogs, the more I realise that maybe I don't belong on this thing called the Internet. There are bloggers out there who read 600 books a year. They have funny and interesting reviews about them. Other bloggers write 500,000 words in a month. Other people have interesting thoughts on the writing process, and their posts and funny and deep and relevant. Sometimes one person does all of this.

Hahaha, yeah. I don't even know how many books I read each year. Probably a lot less than 600. I don't write nearly as much as other people. I don't read the right books, I hear about new books really late and I don't read many of the popular books. Some people have published books. Others have self-published books. For goodness sakes, I've only just hopped aboard the bolding-the-questions-at-the-end bandwagon AND my blog topic is so random that I need three descriptors, all of which are wide themselves (travel, stories and random. How's that for a wide topic? You know all that blogging advice that says you should only focus on one subject? HAHAHAHA).

I also have this thing for adding random pictures in
that have nothing to do with the post.

But the more I freak out, the more I realise that it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter that I can't keep up because there will always be someone who has read more, written more, gets more comments, writes better posts, etc. etc. I'm sure there's someone out there who thinks I'm doing better than they are, and I know I look at other people and think they're doing way better than me. 

The fact of the matter is that even if I read 10,000 books in a year, it still won't be enough. I've had to learn to be happy with what I'm doing, and to not get hung up on how I haven't read every single book out there or written a million words a year or have the most successful blog in Middle Earth (err, on the Internet). I have a suspicious feeling that at one point or another, we all feel like bad bloggers/writers/readers/students/workers/people. And maybe that's ok.  

Maybe there is no such thing as a good blogger. 

Do you ever feel like a bad blogger? How do you get over that feeling of complete incompetence? (My answer is to write rants and post them, then watch lots and lots of Marvel because Captain America is cool, but I'd love to hear your suggestions.)

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Oh, the Places You'll Go: Rome

Through the looking glass. 

So basically I went to Europe for about three weeks and I discovered a lot and learned a lot and walked even more and stuff happened. (The end. (Kidding!))