Friday, 26 August 2016

Wall of Utter Procrastination Update #1

I have a Wall of Utter Procrastination (and if you have no idea what on earth I'm talking about check out this post), and I thought it was high time for a little update. (Because I know all of you are deeply invested in my life and the various going-ons thereof (I'm not even sure if that sentence made any sense but I'm just going to roll with it.))

From October 2015.

My Wall has been getting a little out of control lately. I've been doing a lot of organizational stuff to do with my story world, so I've done lots of calendars and lists of characters (so I know who's where and so I don't repeat names (which I've done twice already (*facepalm*))). 

(Note how I've started going over my door... I'm getting desperate.)

I also got a world map! (Which I had in my last update but I'm going to explain it now because I can.) And it's made me aware of how sucky my geography skills are because sometimes I'll just sit there and look at it and discover all these countries that I didn't even know existed. How much would that suck to be talking to someone and not even know their country existed? 

My brother made me this pastel drawing, which is amazing by the way. (It's the blue and black one.) He's really been getting into those, and he taught me how to do it. (I did the girl with the red hair. And I'm not an artist, but I'm 78% pleased with how it turned out.)

So, there you go. My room is slowly being taken over by random papery nonsense. (We actually had people staying with us for a few days, and they stayed in my room. I was very impressed that they didn't say a single word about my Wall to me, and they just kinda went with it. I dunno, if I were them I'd be asking some pretty serious questions, like what on earth is wrong with you why are you killing the rainforest etc. etc. You know, like most normal people would.)

Anyways, how's life? 

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Guest Post: The Agony of Self-Motivation

Greetings, fellow bloggers. 

The name is Kate. I am your guest blogger. 

I am having a gap year which means I am in the bitter-sweet period between high school and university, in the gaping void between study and study, and let me tell you one thing - it’s not as easy-breezy as one would have you believe. 

Don’t get me wrong, job commitments put aside, our breed of people govern our waking times and have an awful lot of freedom with our time. But a topic we often like to avoid is ‘self-motivation’. This is a pertinent topic not only for myself but I think for everyone single being on this planet. 

If you are an artist, an author or even an ordinary person attempting to put on their trainers once a week, most people at some point in their life will suffer from the agony of self-motivation. 

Lack of self-motivation can worsen into a sickness, from never having the motivation to quit a terrible habit, to transforming your life, it can do just as much damage. Just like a cold, you can feel the presence of it precursors before waking one morning to find yourself in the pits of guilt that culminates into a burst of motivation only to evaporate before you get out of your PJs. 

Whether your abundance of time or busy schedule is the culprit, we all ask the same question: how do we motivate ourselves to commence the tasks we have set ourselves? 

So how do we cure the ‘sickness’? What can be done to eradicate the struggle against oneself? Well, I am no doctor, or magician on that note, but there are a few rules as a ‘gappy’ that I live by and would encourage others to do so as well: 

1) Set a rough sleeping schedule and stick to it. In other words, have a set bedtime. This is an important one because the body clock is the framework of routine. Maintaining a rough time to switch off and to wake up is fundamental to set your parameters for rule 2. Of course, on occasion one may stray from their normal sleeping hours, but who can avoid that with oceans in the mind? 

2) Try and achieve one profound and/or productive thing every 12 hours. Whether it be cooking the family a special meal to donating blood to climbing Mount Everest, no achievement should be rendered insignificant. Self-motivation is like a seed, it must be planted in the foundation of potential and possibility, it must be watered and maintained for it to grow and give back. Plant the seed of self-motivation and water it every day.

3) Seek balance. Elementary, my dear Watson. Balance between the two extremes of rest and productivity is fundamental for self-motivation to be maintained throughout life. Once an equilibrium can be found, you have mastered what most of the world is looking for. 

So there you have it, you’re not alone in the struggle for self-motivation, but you’re certainly not helpless. I hope you find self-motivation somewhere in the endless oceans of your mind.

How do you keep motivated? Who here has climbed Mt. Everest (or done something else you're proud of?)

Friday, 19 August 2016

Liebster Award

Waaaay back when, the lovely Susanna @ Miss Adventure tagged me for the Liebster Award. Here we are, several months later, finally getting around to it. 

What was the last book/movie you consumed that absolutely knocked you off your seat with its awesomeness?

Well, I haven't had a particularly awesome, knock-your-socks-off, the-world-is-ending book lately, but  Captain America 3: Civil War was a few seconds away from making me cry from its awesomeness. So yeah. 


If you found a wardrobe that led to Narnia, would you go through?

WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THIS? Of course!!! (Fun fact: I used to imagine that I was one of the queens of Narnia... But that was totally when I was a kid. I don't do that anymore, of course. *sweats nervously*)

If you received two tickets to anywhere in the world and you had to leave tomorrow morning, where would you choose to go?

I would usually say France, but I've already been there. My latest obsessions are Mongolia, Peru and Antartica. I don't know why, but yeah. 

What are you most looking forward to right now?

(Note that this post was written several weeks ago.) Well, in the immediate sense I have training for jiu jitsu this afternoon, so that'll be fun. Long term, I'd say going to Canada. 


What would be your most ill-suited career?

Being a nurse or a surgeon. I would faint and probably stab the patient with a scalpel on the way down. 

Most exciting plan for this summer?

I'm going to Canada! Which should be fun. 

What was the sneakiest/cheekiest thing you that you did as a child?

This is a hard one, because I wasn't a sneaky/cheeky child. I was a teacher's pet and basically tried to do nothing wrong. I guess I stole a little piece of sticky tack (we're talking a super small piece) from behind a poster once, but some kid behind me ratted me out. Like dude, it was like the size of a penny. Did they really have to turn me in? 

If you could instantly have the ability to be really good at something (anything from playing the violin to break dancing) what talent would you choose?

Writing. Writing. And writing. (Or martial arts.) I'd also really like to be great at math because that would help me next year at uni. (Basically I want to be good at everything. (Basically I want to be Spider-Man.))

What is your go-to coffee shop drink?

Hot chocolate, every time. If you want to be my friend, buy me a hot chocolate. (And a book.) We shall be friends forever. 

If you were on a dessert island…what would you eat (dessert islands are places wherein you can eat any kind of dessert without any health repercussions)?

I'm loving the sound of this dessert island. Probably hot chocolate again. Dude, I love hot chocolate. 

What is your favorite part of having a blog?

The community, because the community is awesome. 

I'm going to tag everyone, because I'm lazy like that, and I'm also going to reuse Susanna's questions because they were pretty awesome. 

Feel free to answer any of the questions in the comments!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Because we're driving down the back road in the dead of night with the cover of the sunroof down and a really bad country song pulsing through the car's speakers, but I don't even care that I hate country. Someone makes a joke and we all laugh, even though we all forget what the joke was in a few minutes. Eventually, we recount the trials and triumphs of the day, as if retelling the glory of a great battle against a near unbeatable enemy instead of a long day at the mall in Vancouver. Remember when? Remember that? Remember? Oh, my feet hurt. We forgot to buy that. You'll have to try to find it in Grande Prairie. Eventually, the conversation fades with our energy levels, and I'm left with staring out the window at the full moon framed over Mt. Baker, now invisible in the dark. That night, I lay out our purchases like the spoils of war on the worn dining room bench, counting and dividing and piling and re-evaluating and reminiscing. Receipts go in one pile. Useless bags in the recycling. Stuff for The Mom, The Brother, The Sister and myself go in separate piles, but nothing for The Dad because he likes to pretend that he's a minimalist hermit who can pack a toothbrush and hop on the plane. Someone turns the TV on, and we watch the USA vs. Brazil beach volleyball match but never find out who wins. Eventually, we get onto YouTube and watch a contemplation of epic Independence Day fails, filled with fireworks exploding when they shouldn't be and drunk teenagers attempting to vault over three Costco tables that split in the middle when landed on by said drunk teenagers. I have never felt more at home. The Brother and The Boys get out the electric guitar at about ten minutes to twelve, just because they can. I call The Sister and The Mom and talk until the middle of the night, because the time difference doesn't really care that I need my sleep. After all that, after all the teeth are brushed and the lights are turned out and the pajamas are tugged on and every weary eye is shut for the night, I lie awake and think. I ask myself if I'm a bad person. Am I a bad person for wanting to stay with these people who have become my family? Am I a bad person for having to choose between two different groups of friends, both of whom I love deeply but am forever doomed to have to choose one over the other? Am I a bad person for choosing between family and adventure? Mountains and the ocean? Pines and eucalyptus? 

Is it wrong that I'm tired of saying goodbye?

Is it wrong that I don't want to leave?

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Guest Post: An Aussie's Guide to Pies

As you may or may not know, I'm in Canada (probably eating Gold Fish and Tim Horton's (also I'll probably be a bit late with responding to comments and visiting all your blogs and stuff)) right now, so I've gotten a few guest posters lined up to entertain you all. Enjoy!

Hey everyone, my name is Rainbow Magic Fairy, well it isn't my real name, its just one of my many nicknames (along with smart lemon, scatterbrain, awesome (ok maybe not that one)) but to sum up a very long boring story I’m a physio student, I have a tendency to dress up as a fairy and my dream is to be a fairy physio and work with kids dressed as a fairy everyday (I used the word "fairy" way too many times in one sentence). Thank you so much Victoria for trusting me to guest post on your fabulous blog! 

A couple of interesting facts about me: I am an Aussie “yeah mate,” I love swimming, I surf (sometimes, I have a little fear of sharks, especially after the whole Mick Fanning incident (if you haven't seen it, be prepared to not enter the water again), I enjoy cooking (when I’m not studying… or procrastinating) and I eat pies… 


don't just eat “pies” but meat pies… a hot beef and gravy concoction in a flaky pastry crust from the local bakery in a paper bag with a chocolate milk (the milk isn't in the bag with the pie it is in your other hand so the cold beverage doesn't come in contact with the warm goodness of the pie and make it go soggy (there is an art to pie eating, don’t judge me ;) hahaha)) Anyways… meat pies are the best! *dramatic microphone drop* Whether you are coming out of the surf and needing a warm snack to make your insides happy, or just feelin’ a meat pie for lunch!

This pie thing does cause a bit of controversy. If you said “would you like a pie?” to me, I would respond with a “yes please” and expect a hot beef and gravy concoction in a flaky pastry crust from the local bakery in a paper bag with a chocolate milk etc etc… but if you said to others “would you like a pie?” they may expect a fruit pie…. What is a fruit pie!?!?! *outraged microphone pick up* I know I am being completely objective, but you can't sit and watch the footy eating a fruit pie, or sit on a beach after a surf eating a fruit pie, or be on a long car trip and pull up at a servo and have a fruit pie (sorry that is a bit bogan, a servo is slang for a service station or petrol station, or the place where you stop and put fuel in your car and eat dodgy expensive food), you have a meat pie! Now I'm not to say I dislike fruit pies, my favourite food is fruit…but I am definitely a strong believer in meat in my pies *second, not as dramatic, microphone drop* :) 

Thank you so much for reading this and putting up with me (and my bias, non evidence based views on pies)! 

Well, what's the final opinion? Fruit or meat pies? 

Friday, 12 August 2016

Movie review: Suicide Squad

If you've been reading this blog for long enough, you've realized that I'm a Marvel girl. I will not shut up about Spider-Man, I think Captain America is the best person ever while I basically want to be Black Widow and/or Agent Carter. 

Despite the fact that I'm indifferent to DC, I actually kind of enjoyed Suicide Squad. 

In this rebooted DC universe, a government agent (Amanda Waller) is assembling the worst of the worst criminals to create a task force to fight the battles they never could. (Sorry, I just can't not quote The Avengers here.) These criminals include Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang and Diablo. Once a crazy super villain gets on the loose, they're sent to save the world and stuff. As you do. 


I think the characters were what made the movie for me. For a bunch of murderous criminals, they were really relatable (ok, maybe just somewhat (I'm not a murderer please don't arrest me)) and sympathetic, and the main characters got a good dose of backstory that made me cheer for them more than I've ever cheered for Batman or Superman. (Dear Superman, IT'S ALRIGHT TO SMILE.) They were funny and had a great relationship with the other members of the team, which always made things interesting. Deadshot had THE BEST relationship with his daughter, while Harley Quinn was weird and broken and totally insane and I loved her. She reminded me of a rag doll that had been left on the curb, forgotten and abandoned and in dire need of some stitches. Deadshot and Harley Quinn totally carried the movie.

The tone of the film really complimented the characters. It was weird and twisted and creepy, and the combination of the pink, blue and green with DC's usual black really made it stand out from the rest of the (stupid) movies DC has made in the past. And the soundtrack! It was just awesome, and totally fit the tone. *viciously stamps approval on tone*

Despite the great tone and characters, I had some major issues with the movie. First of all, let's talk about the female characters here. There were four major female characters (Katana, Amanda Waller, Enchantress and Harley Quinn), which is actually pretty good for a superhero movie (where there's usually four or five men to one woman). However, only one woman was fully clothed throughout the entire movie. WHY IS IS SO HARD FOR FEMALES IN A SUPERHERO MOVIE TO WEAR CLOTHES?!?!?! It is not that hard. It's called pants and a t-shirt. Enchantress was wearing a metal bikini. No. No. Just. NO. Katana wore a sports bra thingy, at least. Harley Quinn wasn't wearing pants, and she had three inch heels. Do you have any idea how difficult it would be to save the world in underwear and three inch heels? Think of the wedgies, for goodness sakes. It's stupid, that's what it is. It's stupid and sexist and it hurts me so deeply that the creators of this film didn't care enough about females characters to give them some worth beyond their bodies. If that's what it's like to be a female in films, I don't want to even think about what people of colour must deal with. All the men were covered. What's the excuse? 


Other random issues: The bad guy did not do it for me at all. It was evil and SO weird and it totally alienated me from the film. And can someone explain the Harley Quinn/Joker love story for me? A flow chart would be helpful, I think. Let's go from Point A (Harley Quinn is the Joker's psychiatrist) to Point B (Harley Quinn voluntarily jumps in a vat of acid for the Joker). Like what? And if you have to drag out a bunch of comic books to explain this, then the movie didn't do a good enough job. A character showed up, was given no explanation or backstory then was promptly killed for the shock effect. The plot was predictable, the storytelling weak and the plot holes gaping and shredded. There was none of the storytelling that made me fall in love with movies like Zootopia, How to Train Your Dragon or Civil War

There were problems with the movie, without a doubt. But the characters and the tone and the utter bizarreness of the movie made me feel like I walked away with at least having my money not totally wasted. 

Have you seen Suicide Squad? What did you think? Are you a Marvel or a DC person? Or are you one of those people who don't care either way? 

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Basically due to life and packing and whatnot, I have declared today to be a nope day. I will have another post on Friday for you all. That is all. 

Friday, 5 August 2016

The weirdness of having online friends

I'll admit that I used to be one of those sceptics who didn't believe in having online friends. (I know, right? *gasps* *runs from angry mob* *trips and gets trampled*) How can you be friends with someone when sometimes you don't even know what they look like? What their voice sounds like? What their real name is, sometimes? You can be anyone over the Internet, and how do you even know you're talking to an actual person and not a creepy 40-something random stalker pretending to be a teenage girl? AVOID THE INTERNET AT ALL COSTS. 

Well, that was my mindset. Then I started blogging and my worldview kinda blew up into little bits. (Like New York in every superhero movie ever. (Although now other places blow up too, like Sokovia.)) Because hey! There were actual people online who just wanted to discuss cool stuff like reading and writing and movies and stuff. I'm 98.47% they're real people too, who aren't pretending to be teenage girls but actually are. (On that note, I've very rarely come across a guy book/story/writing/whatever blogger. Has anyone else found that?) 

So now that I don't mind (and actually really enjoy) making online friends, I've come to see how weird it is. Like I've mentioned before, I don't actually know what some of my online friends look like. Some people use pen names. I don't know where everyone lives. (And on that note, none of you actually know what I look like or anything.) And that's a bit weird. I've come to accept that I'm never going to meet some of you in real life, too. I'd certainly love to but it just isn't always going to happen, and I've never had friends like that before. It's definitely a first for me. 

The great thing is that it doesn't take away from the fact that I still have friends online. I can still talk to people without ever having met them, and I can still feel like I know people even though I don't know what they look like. I think that all I see sometimes is a name on a screen made up of little pixels takes out all the other variables that you can have sometimes in life that stops you from being friends with someone, whether that's age or where you live or which classes you take in school. And that's pretty cool. 

Do you think it's weird to have online friends? 

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Let's go home

In about eleven days, I get to get on a plane and go home for three weeks. I get to go quading, visit my grandparents, friends and family. We've been pulling baggage out of the closet and buying up Australian treats to bring back. 

I'm just so excited. I get to eat Tim Bits and Boston Pizza and Goldfish, hang out with my friends and return to the place I grew up. The only downside? I'm not allowed to bring a physical book, only a digital one to save space. (cue bookworms sobbing in the distance.)

Sorry it wasn't a very long or interesting post today, but I just couldn't resist showing off those beautiful pictures of my travel baggage. 

Do you love packing?