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Life's Like That: Taipei 101 Adventures (in which we freeze then are crushed by crowds)

I spent last New Year's in Taipei, Taiwan, watching the fireworks off Taipei 101.

It was interesting, to say the least. We arrived at 7pm, and discovered way too late (too early?) that we didn't need to get there that soon. Also that it was freezing. Aaaand also that we didn't bring enough warm clothes. 

There was a flood of people, and every time we wanted to cross the street I had to grab my sister's backpack to avoid being swept away. The police had closed off the streets to cars, and it was far too easy to become lost in the sea of people. 

We found a spot with a view of the building. If you look back on our videos of the evening, you'll watch a slow descent into madness and hyperthermia. (Also, Bear Grylls voices. Don't ask.) (At this point, we had run out of cash and couldn't find an ATM that worked (we would fix that the next day) but as a result we couldn't buy a hot drink. It was not fun.)

I was wearing nothing but a dress, a light winter jacket an…

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