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Shameless self-promotion (I have merch!!)

Stop! You! (Yes you!) Do you resemble a magpie in that you like to collect beautiful things? Do you have an empty hole in your life? Do you need something to fill it with? Well look no further than my Society6 store, open for business now!*

*Disclaimer - my merch will not fill any holes in your life, unless your sink is leaking and you decide to duct tape my All-Carry Pouch around the pipes to fix said hole. What you do with my products is none of my concern. However, buying my stuff is probably worth a shot. 

Do you have someone in your life who has it all? Do you struggle buying Christmas-in-July presents for your significant other? Do you lay awake at night gripped by an all-consuming anxiety about an upcoming birthday you haven't bought a gift for? Well look no further than my Society6 store, selling one-of-a-kind products now!**

**Disclaimer - products are not one-of-a-kind, but they are very rare as I haven't sold any yet. Also, each Canvas Print comes with a virtual hug, s…

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