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When you realise you're not a good writer

I've been gone for exams (I scheduled a bunch of posts but beyond that I haven't really seen the light of day. *shivers*) BUT I AM BACK (for like three weeks and then I disappear again). 

So for the first time in about two or three months, I went back and took a look at my old manuscript that I'd been working during my summer vacation. It's really, really, really bad. Like objectively bad. Like I am a bad writer, guys. 
For some reason, as this half-finished draft was sitting in the back of my head and in the depths of my laptop, it somehow magically got better and turned into a half-decent novel. However, for some reason, that was not the case. The dialogue is cringy, I don't seem to know what a voice is or even what genre this thing is supposed to be. And what is a character? Or a plot? Or words??
I'm not 100% sure where to go from here. Should I abandon the book? Forge on? Give up altogether and take up llama farming? 
Give me some ideas for alternative careers …

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