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Let's all be Art-Dumb together

I am a STEM major. Didn't take art in high school. Only occasionally draw, and when I do I do it badly. I know next to nothing about the history of art, nor many famous artists. (I mean, Van Gogh and Monet were cool but that's the standard "I don't know anything about art" answer.) HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy art (however dumb I may feel). I recently moved to Brisbane. (Life's been insane. (That's okay.)) I love going to art museums by myself and looking at beautiful things that I don't understand, so one weekend I walked to the Gallery of Modern Art, got caught in the rain, was soaking wet, and appreciated some cool art because we don't have to be Art Smart to enjoy it. This is what I saw.(Note: I didn't plan ahead and didn't think I was going to turn this into a blog post, thus I didn't think to get the names of any of the artists. Sorry. Dear artists, your stuff is great and I'm dumb. Go support (while…

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