Life's Like That (that time we almost got tackled in airport security)

Life being the way life is, my dad, brother and I were heading back from Canada a few months ago without my wonderful mom and sister. We had been traversing up and down British Columbia and Alberta in Gertie, talking to so many people, getting less than the recommended amount of sleep a night and had just gotten off a thirteen hour plane trip. (It was a great trip, of course, but in case you didn't get the point we were pretty tired at this point.)

The sis et moi.

We've been a fan of this TV show called Brooklyn Nine-Nine and we were able to watch the Christmas special during the plane ride. My brother and I had a good giggle over it on the plane, but Dad was sleeping so he was left out of the conversation. 

In the episode, a police officer wants to give the captain a Christmas present but he continually refuses. She decides the best way to get the captain to open her present is to wrap it in an unmarked box, disguise her handwriting and leave an unsigned note reading "Open me now". As this is a police captain, he immediately yells "Bomb!" and puts the precinct under lockdown. We all got a good giggle out of that. 

So we landed in the Brisbane airport and were standing in line for security. Security being boring, we were all catching up on the movies and TV shows we watched on the plane and Brooklyn Nine-Nine came up. We hadn't discussed it with Dad yet, so we were all re-living our favourite parts. 

Dad's eyes went wide, he grinned and yelled "B-"... then realised we were in security. 

He almost quoted the captian yelling "Bomb!"

In airport security. 


  1. Yes to Brooklyn Nine-Nine! But oh crap, that could have ended insanely badly! A funny story though c:

    Little Moon Elephant

    1. YES TO BROOKLYN NINE-NINE!! Hahaha, yep, it definitely could have ruined our day. Thanks for commenting!

  2. That was funny! Just as well your dad caught himself in time. And that photo is really nice. :)

    1. Ha, thanks Jessica! Yep, it could have been super bad. Thanks so much!


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