Hazy (a poem)

Today is hazy.

Bushfire clogged skies
Blood-red sun
Blackened dreams
Ocean and sky melt together
(the artist smudged the pastels too much)

The dome of sky encases me
Distances fade into smog
It's acidic and burnt and somehow beautiful
Just like growing up

I have chipped nail polish
And manage to get lipstick on my forehead
I make giant paper hats and wear my hair in pigtails 
Because I think I've forgotten how to be a kid 
Lost between tax returns and picking up sour milk 

They gave us an umbrella made of tar
And once we taught ourselves how to open it
We realized it wasn't much use against the smoke

No one told me being a grown-up 
Was hugs from the friends I call family
The men who stare at me 
(head down walk faster) 
Being afraid of chocolate
And wet dog noses at 6am 

We are hazy minds
Hazy people
Hazy lives
(or maybe that's just me)


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