Life's Like That: Stupid things I've done during exams part 1 (In which I insult veteran)

Heyo! So I'm back. Exams this term were extremely tough but I think I did alright, but unfortunately I had to drop most fun things in my life (including blogging and like, sleep). Which sucked. But I'm back now! 

During exam time, I was pretty stressed out. I was lacking on sleep, had more caffeine in my blood than usual and wasn't 100% with it. 

I was at work when I found myself serving an amputee. I work in a pharmacy, and we often get amputees and disabled customers so it wasn't unusual. So this guy was about middle-aged, a bit rough looking. According to his prescription, he was a veteran. It's possible he could have lost his leg from diabetes, but my money would be on that he lost it while serving. 

When he finished paying, I took a deep breath. I'd had a thought bouncing around the inside of my head, and like I said before I wasn't functioning at peak capacity. When he finished paying, I said, "So I'm sorry if this is super offensive but about your leg..."

He looked so scared and for a second I thought he was going to turn around and run away. I know I certainly would. Before he did, I said, "Have you ever dressed up like a pirate for Halloween? Because that would be awesome." 

He looked a bit stunned, but managed a smile. "No, I haven't." At about this time I kinda clued in that you probably shouldn't ask an amputee veteran if they've dressed up like a pirate for Halloween but it was kind of too late. 

We both kinda laughed nervously and he hurried away, probably rushing off to move to another country. 

(See part 2 and part 3.)

Have you ever made a social mistake? Tell me in the comments!


  1. Oh my gosh, Victoria! :0 Hm, I do remember ignoring a guy at school who said hello to me when I was 12. He literally sai, "Hi Grace," and I immediately walked away.

    I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHYYY. But he didn't use that against me later on. I hope..

    1. *cries because it was so bad* Hehehehe, that made me smile :)

  2. That's so hilarious! But yeah, maybe not the best conversation in the history of improv coversations. *cough* It's cool. I haven't the faintest idea how to talk to people so no judgement here.

    1. Aaaaarrgh it was awful! That's my social skills for you.


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