The Canadian rage of a thousand suns

The men's Olympic hockey games were on last week, and for the first time in four years I sat down to watch a hockey game. I watch the finals (men and women's) every Winter Olympics, which is about all the hockey I can manage. (I'm fully aware that makes me a horrible, sad, and pathetic Canadian and I have no desire to change that aspect of my life. It's just not my sport. (*ducks and hides in a lake of maple syrup*)) 

In saying that, last week I watched the match between Canada and Germany. I swear I have never been so patriotic in my life. Watching that puck fly back and forth across the rink chased by the red and white maple leaves, clash of skates, hockey sticks slapped against the ice. Puck against net. 

(I'm pretty sure that if I had ripped my shirt off you'd find a giant tattoo of the Canadian flag underneath. (I became a savage fighting machine of fury from the moment the game began.)) 

I'm sure Germany is a great place (I've never been), and every German person I've met has been lovely, but during that half hour that I watched the game I wanted nothing more than Germany's destruction. Not only the German hockey team. The entire country. THE ENTIRE COUNTRY. WE SHALL INVADE YOU VIA MOOSE. OUR BEAVERS AND FREE HEALTHCARE WILL EAT THROUGH YOUR DEFENCES. 

In saying that, I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to Germany and their victory over Canada, no matter how much pain it may have caused me. (If I had stayed up late enough to watch the entire game, it may have ended with a heart attack.) Congratulations, and we'll see you at the next Winter Olympics. 

What's your favourite Olympic sport? How did your country do this year? Do you ever become overly patriotic? 


  1. HAHAHA....this had me rolling on the floor.

    I don't think the U.S. did too badly this year. I watched a lot of the Games the first week, but then was pulling a lot of overtime and had less time to watch than I would have liked to have had. I enjoy swimming and archery in the summer games and skeleton, bobsled, luge, and curling in the winter games. However, I'll watch pretty much whatever is on. (Minus ice skating; I can only handle so much of that--it's far too subjective). They didn't show much curling here this year, which was disappointing. I find it to be a fascinating sport, though I don't really understand it.

    1. Hahaha, I'm glad someone could find a bit of humour in my ridiculousness.

      The US always seems to do decent, at the very least. Those sports are all great, but I too watch whatever is on at the moment. (Except our TV was down for most of the Games, so I didn't see much this year.) I don't really understand curling, either, although I find it too boring to try to understand it :)

  2. Haha! This made me laugh! I usually watch the figure skating, and honestly, I end up being the entire opposite? I'm always internally cheering for each skater when they're on the ice. Of course, I have my favorites, but during their run, I want them each to at least have the satisfaction that they skated their personal best at the Olympics (ok, and in the moment, I secretly want them all to win even though that's completely irrational). XD I'm also so bad about loving the underdogs. There's always someone off the US or Japanese team who is a favorite whom I also love, but then I find my own favorites among some of the countries with smaller representation in figure skating who never make the podium. While they aren't always as explosive or elicit as strong as a response from the audience, they tend to do well with their artistry, maybe because they don't have as much pressure on them?

    1. Yay! Thank you so much <3 That's totally fair to want each person to win, and to be honest if I were a better person I'd be the same. (However, I am a terrible person so I just cheer for my home countries.) And I don't think it's completely irrational to want everyone to win. Maybe kind-hearted and naive, but not irrational.

      I'm with you about cheering for the underdogs. I love it when a "smaller" country does well, even though they don't often have the resources to back them up.


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