Surviving Australian Summers

Here in Australia, it gets pretty hot. (In case you didn't know.) We're talking Dear-Lord-Please-Kill-Me-Now Hot, wherein a Canadian like myself forgets what being cold is like. It's fun. (Kidding. (It isn't.))

I've lived in Australia for six years now, meaning I have had to survive six summers and let me tell you, it hasn't been easy. With all my experience, I thought I would share some survival tips in case there are people who are in a similar situation to myself. 

Surviving Australian Summers Tip #1: Don't Live in Australia

This one seems a bit obvious, but also the most helpful. If you avoid living in Australia, you will never run into an Australian summer. Logic.

Surviving Australian Summers Tip #2: Have an Amazing Air-Con

And not only have an amazing air-conditioner, but have several. Preferably several in each room. I personally have a whole air-con for my bookshelf. Also another in my closet. And like three in my car. (Make sure you crank the temperature as well. Who cares about the environment or electricity bills? Your comfort is paramount here.)

Surviving Australian Summers Tip #3: Become Besties with Elsa

This should have been #1 on my list, to be honest. It's the easiest to do of all my tips, and probably also the most fun. 

Surviving Australian Summers Tip #4: Sometimes You've Just Gotta Wear Your Bathing Suit Around the House

The other day, I was walking around the house in my bikini doing some chores AND I WAS STILL SWEATING. IN MY BIKINI. Does this make any sense? No. Absolutely not. I've also done my makeup in the morning only to have sweat drip down my elbows. MY ELBOWS.

Surviving Australian Summers Tip #5: Drink Lots of Water

In all seriousness, it's important to keep hydrated. Keep out of the sun, wear a hat, and stay hydrated. The sun and heat can be hard on your body, so take care of yourself. 

How do you survive hot summers?


  1. Honestly, I have no idea how I'd survive a Canadian winter... (I'm 92% certain I'd turn into an icicle within the hour. possibly sooner.)

    We have ceiling fans (no A/C except in the cars), which aren't always great, but we also have an evaporative cooler which is the best. (and is super nostalgic. childhood summer days and watermelon and kiddie wading pools and cousins.) But of course the best course of action would be to get into the ocean and wear a soaking wet broadbrimmed hat and not get out. Can recommend from experience. ;)

    (and I've had sweat trickle down my arms and legs while I'm just sitting in my room. it's gross, yes?)

    This was an immensely enjoyable (and relatable) post, Victoria! :D

    1. Eh, being an icicle isn't too bad. I would know.

      Mmmm, watermelon and kiddie pools. That was basically my childhood. We had this slide in the backyard and would make it into a little waterslide and kill all the grass :P

      It's sooo bad when there's sweat in weird places. Like yeah nah.

      Thanks so much Jem! And sorry my reply is literally months late. I do get around to stuff eventually. :D

  2. I don't really have 'hot' summers as Ireland isn't really hot nor cold. However, it tends to be more hot than cold. So yeah...

    1. *more cold than hot. SORRRRY

    2. Isn't Ireland like stuck in a perpetual autumn? Where it's coldish one day then colder the next? I don't really know, although I would love to find out for myself :D

  3. Haha, I feel you on this! Although, it's funny, because I used to despise summers, but this year I'm wishing summer would stay around, and dreading the thought of a long cold winter. Maybe you have some tips for surviving winter as well?

    1. To be perfectly honest, I was never very good at surviving winters. It was a lot of pain and not wanting to get out of bed, as I remember. Best of luck!


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