Bonus Post: In which I make inferences about the millipede on my bathroom floor

*puts picture of my dog on post about millipedes just to confuse people*

Inference 1 - my millipede friend is an early riser, worm-catcher, go get em night owl. crawling along bathroom tile before others open their heavy lids, doin millipede stuff. 

Inference 2 - my millipede friend may often be attacked from the sides, protruding spikey things and globulous onyx eyes stuck to the sides of his head. I will protect you, friend. 

Inference 3 - my millipede friend is not the brightest glow stick in the milk jug, wanders in circles, delicate spider-web fine legs pinwheel even when stationary. 

Inference 4 - my millipede friend's microscopic antennae scour the ground, he might be mostly blind but he's also good lookin. 

Inference 5 - my millipede friend's life is probably going to come to a tragic end when sister decides to brush her teeth. she's not a fan of my millipede friends. 


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