Bonus Post: 15 Things you (probably) didn't know about me

I thought I'd start some bonus posts because there's some more stuff that I'd like to put on here that doesn't fit into my Canada/Australia/stories posts. Because they're bonus posts, there won't be a schedule like my other posts, or even set topics. (I know. No schedule or topic?!?! Watch as anarchy unfolds.)

If you've been reading this blog for awhile you'll know a few things about me, like I'm into writing and I've moved across the world. And I like movies. And I'm quite random. Aaaand.... that's where it ends. So without further ado, here are some (random) things about me!

1) I am a nerd. And a geek. Yep. Star Wars, Graham's number (I LOVE Graham's number!), story structure, Lord of the Rings, complex numbers, extended metaphors, black holes, Marvel and infinity. (You could imagine how much I loved the science-y bits in Interstellar.) I love it all. 

The awesomeness...

2) I am the my family's tech person. I've digitalized all of our DVDs and schoolwork, and am working on scanning all of our pictures. I take care of our digital movies, music and pictures, too. It's not an easy, fun or quick job, but I do it out of my obsessive need to stay organized. 

3) My favourite shoes are Birkenstocks. They are the best shoes in the entire world. End of story. 

4) I have a weird taste in TV shows. Seriously, it's weird. I'm too lazy to bother searching down every episode of every season to a TV show, so I don't. I watch The Middle, Horrible Histories, Sherlock, Phineas and Ferb, The Big Bang Theory and Top Gear (as long as it's the challenges). And that's it. (Seriously though, how random are those shows?) I don't watch much more TV beyond that. 

5) My favourite colour is purple. I used to have my walls painted this really nice purple, but then we moved :( 

6) I own the Lego Death Star. My brother likes to show it to his friends, and I joke about charging them per viewing. It's just awesome. (Like I said, I'm a geek.) 

7) I hate Shakespeare. I'm sorry to anyone who worships him (or even mildly likes him), but I hate his work. This is mostly because the only play we were exposed to from grades 9-10 was Romeo and Juliet (we watched like three different versions of the play, watched two of the movies then studied it for a whole term) and I didn't like it the first place. Plus, I think the endings to his plays are all stupid. All he does is use his character's flaws to kill everyone. 

8) I have a really weak stomach, and I work in a pharmacy. Yeah, I'm not sure why I thought this was a good idea, but so far I haven't fainted so it's all good. 

9) I am an introvert. I can talk to people, and I like talking to people, but it's exhausting. I'm usually done seeing people at 3pm (or even at lunch on a bad day), so when I have something after school I usually have to drag myself through it. 

10) I love soccer. It's my favourite sport and I've been playing it forever. I don't love training, but games are so much fun because you get to run around guessing what everyone else is going to do, then you get to kick the ball as hard as you can. So much fun :) 


11) I don't get popular music. I've tried, I really have, but I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND WHERE YOU PEOPLE ARE FINDING THIS MUSIC! It's not there one day then the next day every single person I know loves this song and knows it by heart. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN DID YOU ALL HAVE A MEETING WITHOUT ME!?!? It's been my rule that I find out about a popular song about two months after it comes out. Uptown Funk? Yeah, six months later... I don't really care, either, because I never like the songs anyways, but I do feel kinda stupid when everyone's singing along with the most popular song in the country at the time and I'm totally lost. (Rant over.) 

12) I stick all of my writing ideas up on my wall next to my LOTR, Hobbit and Avengers posters. (Don't judge me.) I call it The Wall of Utter Procrastination, because seriously, you could look at that thing all day and not get bored. Character sketches, plots, timelines, quotes, origami (I kid you not), world building... the list goes on. People think I'm slightly (ok, a lot) crazy, but I'm good with that. The crazy people are the best kind of people, in my opinion (as long as it's not psychopath crazy, which I'm not). 

13) I have a weird taste in music. This one kinda flows on from number eleven, and while I like good music, it's the combination of all of the genres that I like that makes it weird. I like some more mainstream music like Imagine Dragons, Sara Bareilles and Christina Perri, but I don't like the really popular music like Taylor Swift. Then I also like less-mainstream music like Owl City (best lyrics in the entire world) and Christian music like Mandisa and Casting Crowns. I like soundtracks (How to Train your Dragon and Cinderella (2015) are to die for) and classical music (my newest favourite is Lang Lang's The Mozart Album, and how could I not mention Jim Brickman?). Then I like some older music like Nat King Cole, Beachboys and the Andrew Sisters and I'll like the occasional "popular" song (like Bastille's Pompeii). Yeah, I don't even know. 

14) I write in a range of genres. I've written high fantasy, science fiction and contemporary, and I have plans for a spy/retelling book, as well as an action book. If I ever get published, my readers are going to be confused. 

15) My favourite kind of drink in the world is hot chocolate. With marshmallows and whipped cream, if I can swing it. Perfection in a cup. 


  1. I love soccer! I actually enjoy training, but games are defiantly better :) Purple is my favourite colour as well :)

    1. Training is fun, but it often hurts because I'm in less-than-awesome shape so it's not nearly as fun as games (even if we lose, which is often).

  2. Really cool to hear more about your interests! I have a map of Middle Earth that looks down over my writing desk, so I get the whole geekdom thing. (I still need a Star Wars poster, though).

    1. You have a map of Middle Earth?!?!? I'm eternally jealous. And I'm hoping to get an episode 7 Star Wars poster... :)


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