Movie review : Minions

Minions. Tiny, yellow, glasses, overalls, and their weird language that you can just understand. And now they have their own movie. 

From the Minions website
The world is now complete. 

Minions have been here from the beginning, searching for a villain to serve. And minions, being minions, tend to... well... lose their masters as soon as they get them, via lava, cannonballs, giant ice blocks... You get the picture. When the tribe of dedicated minions run out of villains to serve, three brave minions set out on an epic journey to find a new master. 

Minions was created with one goal in mind; to make people laugh, and make people laugh it does. The minions themselves are funny, especially when they all run in a group or talk (or the minion equivalent of talking, anyways). They meet a series of interesting characters, including what seems to be a typical American family (who are actually bank-robbing, cop-shooting, grenade-tossing baddies) and the villain of the film, the underdeveloped Scarlet Overkill who always seems on the verge of either blowing up or hugging the minions to death. It was more the generally sillyness and complete randomness of the movie that made it so hilarious. 

The downside? The goal is to make people laugh, not to have any kind of emotional backbone. No characterization, no theme, no nothing. There's none of the touching moments that we found in Despicable Me, notably when Gru reads the girls a bedtime story or tells Margo that he'll never let her go (which gets me Every. Single. Time.)

Minions achieved what it set out to do. It delivered bumbling minions with silly jokes and, in all honesty, complete randomness (which isn't always a bad thing). It completely and utterly failed (kind of like the minions' surprise birthday party for Dracula) when it came to any kind of character or emotion, but, man, was it worth the watch. After all, minions!


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