Bonus Post: Lunchtime conversations

The following is a transcript that's about 80% accurate from a conversation my friends and I (there were about five or six of us) had yesterday. (The 20% that's not accurate comes from the slight difference in wording and how I had to cut out a little bit). Yes, my friends are weird but also awesome. (And for those of you who were there, I'm sorry if I got some details wrong.) The letters are initials of our names, just in case you were wondering (with "V" being me). 

KC: "I need an idea for my art project."
J: "What's the theme?"
KC: "Change and technology."
J: "A dinosaur with a cellphone!"
KC: "What?"
J: "A dinosaur with a cellphone!"
V: "But dinosaurs have short arms. How's he supposed to listen to his phone when he can't reach his ear?" *demonstrates*
J: "A dinosaur with headphones and a cellphone."
V: "That could work." 
KC: "No!" *bangs head on table*
KB: "Chips anyone?"
V: "Me!"
SL: "Me!"
A: "Me, please!" 
*passes chips out*
J: "A mechanical rose?"
KC: "No!" *sobs* "I'm sorry I asked."
M: "Hey, weird question. Do the Americans and Canadians share the groundhog?"
V: "Like on Groundhog Day?"
M: "Yeah."
V: "I don't know. Maybe. Sure?" 
A: "Can someone pass the chips please?"
J: "What about half a real face and half a metal face?"
E: "Hey, what are we doing in English next?"
C: "Uh, Shakespeare, I think."
E: "Ugh!"
C: "The Lion King is based off Hamlet, you know."
SL: "Ew, no, The Lion King and Shakespeare do not belong in the same sentence."
J: "The evolution of cell phones!"
KC: "Shut up! Now who wants chocolate?"
V: "Is that a trick question?"
KC: "Nope."
V: "Cool. I will!"
C: "Me please!"
E: "Pass it here!"
*bell rings*
A: "See ya!"
KB: "Bye."
M: "Later!"
E: "See ya!"


  1. *inadvertently snorts coffee* Now I can't get the thought of a dinosaur using a cellphone out of my head. Excuse me while I go rethink my life. Seriously though, you have some great friends.

    Thanks for stopping by Out of Coffee, Out of Mind!

    1. Hahaha, yeah, I love my friends, even if they make you question reality sometimes.

      And thank you for writing such an awesome blog!

  2. Rainbow magic Fairy30 August 2015 at 12:19

    It sounds like you have some pretty awesome friends. I love the idea of the dinosaur with headphones :)

    1. Yes, my friends are amazing ;) and a dinosaur with headphones is pretty darn cool.


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