Bonus Post: That time I was a rebellious teenager (#YOLO)

Take note, jabberwockies. That was the first (and probably last) time I will use a hash tag. (Which is actually called an octothorpe. Because I'm a nerd.)

So anyways, it was my friend Rainbow Fairy Magic's birthday (you may have noticed her commenting sometimes (and no, that's not her actual name. Australians aren't that weird.) (Happy birthday!) this week, and she was busy at university all day so I decided to go visit her in the evening. I've recently gotten my license (THANK YOU LORD) so I packed up her present, grabbed my sister (AKA M) and headed down the road. 

We pulled out of our neighbourhood and I turned to M. "We can run away, you know," I said, flicking my ticker on. "We can be in Brisbane by the morning." We both laughed and she changed the song. Waterloo by ABBA burst out of the speakers (at a respectable volume). We sang along, then Hakuna Matata started playing. Still singing (we were getting really into it at this point), I started laughing. 

"We're such rebels!" The speed limit changed and I slowed down appropriately, still laughing. "Out driving at 8:00pm, with Mom's permission, a few kilometres under the speed limit, delivering a birthday present, singing to Hakuna Matata." We laughed the whole way, marvelling at our rebelliousness. (Don't most kids go out drinking or something? What do you even do when you're breaking the rules? Do you sing Disney songs? Because if not, then I'm out.)

We chatted to my friend, then M and I returned to the car. I said, "Put some Michael Bublé on. We need some rebellious music." (So obviously, Michael Bublé.) Once we had returned home, M had a healthy veggie juice while I did some blogging. 

So yeah. Out late? 8pm. Drinking? Vegetable juice. Speeding through the streets? Under the limit. Up to no good? Delivering a birthday present. Unruly behaviour? Hakuna Matata. 

Take that, stereotypes. 

When was the last time you were "rebellious"? 


  1. This is hilarious! My rebellious moments are equally un-monumental. XD

    Although there was one time, my friend and I stay out at a Whataburger until 1am. Because they had wifi and she had to do her homework online. So we stayed out late to do homework. . . And on the way home, I got pulled over for turning right at a red light, which happens to be perfectly legal. I think the officer was just bored or something. He didn't seem to really know why he pulled me over because he looked rather confused. XD

    1. Why, thank you very much :) They tend to be, don't they?

      At first I was pretty impressed, like 1am? Dude, you're so rebellious! Then I saw the homework thing XD Well, at least nothing terrible happened with the police. Because that'd suck.

  2. Wow. The clickbait is reeeeal. REal. real. real. real. real. real. real. real. real. real. real. real. real. real. real. real. real. real. real. real. real. real.

    Yup, payment for the clickbait #YOLO

    How did you get your driving licence? I'm planning on getting mine this year so yeeeah.

    1. Ha, I do try :)

      Well, I basically drove a lot on my learner's, booked the test online, showed up and did my best then got my license. Good luck! You'll be amazing :)

  3. Replies
    1. Yep, the proper name for a # is an octothorpe. Thank you, Hank Green.


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