The truth is revealed

Well jabberwockies, last week you were all so kind and lovely and awesome and guessed which truth was the truth was which lie was a lie. (Do you ever write sentences and ask yourself what on earth you just wrote? And to think you guys read this stuff.) So now I shall reveal the truth :)

1) On a good day, I know roughly fifteen words of Japanese, ten of which being numbers. 

This one is actually true. My Japanese is quite pathetic, but I know something thanks to my lovely sister who actually knows something. 

2) I have never sworn in my life.

True. It's kinda a lame goal of mine to never swear. Like I said, lame. 

3) I have a myriad of movie posters hanging up around my room.

Very true! 

You see The Avengers in the background there? 

4) I once stuck scissors in the wall outlet and blamed it on my brother.

It was actually my sister. We were all quite young and my sister wondered what would actually happen if you stuck scissors in the outlet, because growing we've always been told to not it in a million years. Naturally, she wanted to try. She stuck them in with my brother watching, then she ran to get Mom. 

"Mom! Mom! My brother stuck scissors in the outlet!" Then my brother went on about how sparks flew out of the wall and it was really really cool, completely taking the blame. It wasn't until years later that she confessed and admitted it was her. 

5) The clothes in my closet are organised by colour. 

True. It's a great system, I'd highly recommend it. However, you have to have shirts organised by colour on one end, then dresses and sweatshirts on the other. Don't mix dresses and sweatshirts. Just don't. 

6) I've gone bungee jumping in New Zealand. 

False, because bungee jumping is terrifying and should be outlawed. I have, however, rolled down a hill in one of those giant ball things. 

7) I am afraid of bees. 

No, not really. Like a horde of bees, yeah, but a single bee? Nah. Wasps, though. I hate wasps. 

8) I can pretty much recite all of Finding Nemo by heart. 


Opening shot: A coral reef.  Thomas Newmans' music swells.  
Marlin: Wow. 
Coral: Mmm. 
Marlin: Just wow. 
Coral: Yes, Marlin, I see it. It's beautiful.
Marlin: So, Coral, when you said you wanted an ocean view, you didn't think we were going to get the whole ocean, huh? Yeah, a fish can breathe out here. Did your man deliver, or did he deliver? 
Coral: My man delivered. 

Shall I go on? 

9) I could play the piano in my sleep. 

HAHAHA. I'm about as musical as a dead octopus. I used to play the violin, though, although that ability has now faded. I like music, I can sing along with all my heart and I listen to lots of music but I cannot play anything to save myself. 

Have you ever blamed something on a sibling? Can you play a musical instrument? How do you organise your closet? 


  1. Huh, that story about your sister and the scissors is interesting mostly because I fear the electrocution of small children! D: Glad everyone was okay, though, and that your brother was a good sport about it. XD Also, organizing your closet by color is cool, but I tend to organize all of my things by length/warmness level so depending on the day, hot and sunny, cold and snowy, windy and snowy, windy and warm, I can find the clothing best appropriate in a quick and easy manner. Because I am nothing if not practical. XD

    1. I honestly don't think he cares to this day. Seriously, this conspiracy went on for years, it's hilarious. That's seriously a brilliant idea. I don't think it'd work well for me because all my clothes are for the same weather, but it's super smart.

  2. Yay! I got some right!

    Hm, I don't REMEMBER blaming something on my siblings....

    I don't really organise my closet because... you know... the effort.

    1. YAY!! Well, that's good for your siblings :) I'm sure they appreciate it.

      I think it would take more effort to not have my closet organised, because I'd spend so much time trying to find that darn shirt, it was just here, WHERE IS IT???

  3. That's so funny that your brother just went along with it when your sister blamed him. XD I hope he didn't get in too much trouble though.

    Finding Nemo. That was our first DVD ever so we watched a lot. My brother used to go around chanting that chant the tank fish used when they had Nemo join their club. But I didn't actually memorize it? Treasure Planet though. . . All of BEN'S LINES! Ben is hilarious.

    That's awesome that you can speak some Japanese! It sounds like a fun but difficult language to learn.

    1. Nah, he mostly survived being blamed. I'm not sure if he fully trusts her now, though. Trust cannot fully be fixed XD

      I ADORE FINDING NEMO. Hahaha, that's great :) I haven't seen Treasure Planet for years! I'll have to rewatch it because from what I remember it was pretty good.

      Like I said, "speak" may be a bit of a stretch. More like motion wildly and repeat the same two words.

  4. Well, I got some right.. and some wrong. :) And I am seriously organizing my wardrobe by colour now.

  5. THESE REVEALS ARE MY FAVE! OK OK these were my answers, now updated:

    1) False. It'll be some other number. You sneaky thing.
    Off to a bad start :(
    2) True because I think false would be awkward to admit XD (which, if is false, has now made it more awkward, YOU'RE WELCOME ~waves~)
    Good job me!
    3) Deffo.
    4) Ha I bet that's true!
    I was wrong! But there was still a good story XD
    5) False that's horrifying
    6) Eh I think if you had gone bungee jumping you'd know how to spell it, and if you read that in a sassy tone YOU WERE RIGHT. So false.
    I applaud my past self for her shade XD
    7) False, bees! <33
    8) I know this is true, I read my survey answers last night. Your joke was my fave XD
    That transcript properly made me laugh XD (me and Mulan!)
    9) True.

    So ... 5/9! That's a pass! I love this tag XD

    ALSO VICTORIA, speaking of tags, I tagged you for #WritersLife! :)

    1. I applaud your knowledge of me. 5/9 is pretty good! Thanks so much for your guesses, and I'll get around to the tag... (eventually.)

  6. *dies laughing because I love people who can quote long portions of Finding Nemo* Tbh, I call it a good day when I can use "you think you can do these things, but you just can't, Nemo" in general conversation. I really need to see Finding Dory. My schedule has been crazy and there are so many movies I want to see in theaters, so I don't know if I will be able to see it before it comes out on DVD, but I am a patient person. *waits impatiently*

    I'm glad nothing awful happened when your sister stuck the scissors in the socket. I once stuck a fork in an electrical socket. *nods*

    Sorry I wasn't around to guess which ones were true and which ones were not. But I really enjoyed reading your answers! Thank you for doing the tag! :)

    1. FINDING NEMO IS JUST THE BEST. I need to use that quote more often in conversation, because it's an amazing quote. Finding Dory was pretty good, not as good as the first one, though :( BUT BABY DORY IS SO CUTE, OK? IT WAS JUST TOO MUCH.

      Yeah, that one turned out alright. Hopefully you were alright as well?

      Don't worry about it! Thanks for reading!


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