Oh, the Places You'll Go: Switzerland

Switzerland is amazing. Like seriously, amazing. 

First of all, the coolest thing was that when we arrived via train to Zermatt (a skiing town in Switzerland) it was snowing like it does on Christmas day in those Christmas movies. LOVED IT. It was absolutely gorgeous. 

The town looked like, well, a ski village. Which it was. But it was all wood and German and snowy and chocolate and beautiful. (And expensive.)

We took a train to the Gornergrat, which is a ridge overlooking the Alps. We had to take a train to get up there, but the view was completely gorgeous and I felt like we were in Narnia. At the top, we ate at the ski lounge and had the world's most expensive food. The view from the top was beyond amazing (see panorama above). We also slid down the hill, which was fun. (I'm the one waving her arms like a person who's escaped the mental asylum in the pink skirt.)

The Matterhorn (or what we could see of it, at least). 

My brother and I also had a snowball fight at the Gornergrat, and I totally won. (Of course, he claimed he did but I totally destroyed him, without question. You can't even argue with my logic.)

There was also this church at the top of
 the Gornergrat, which was beautiful.

We went skiing the next day, and I was less than awesome. I decided that I wasn't Canadian that day, and was definitely Australian. Do you have any idea how humiliating it was to see kids half my size and age racing down the ski hill while I was struggling along? I was even worst while snowboarding. I spent more time on my butt than my feet. (The video below shows one of my best runs.) But the second time I skied I managed to improve to a slightly-below average skier. A victory, I think. 

We also spent some time in Geneva, and got to see the Hadron Collider. From what I could understand, the scientists there collide different particles with each other and backtrack from the "explosion" the collision made to see what kind of particles collided. (Or something.) We got to see the museum but not the Hadron Collider in action. 

Basically, Switzerland was beautiful. 

I think we'll take a break next week from Oh, the Places You'll Go. After that, France. 

Is anyone a good skier/snowboarder? Does anyone else think it's annoying when tiny kids race past you? 


  1. Oh my goodness that looks BEAUTIFUL! I love traveling, but I haven't gotten the opportunity to travel a lot, and I've never been to Europe. I'll get there someday. I'll probably skip the skiing, though...given my coordination, that sounds like a recipe for disaster.

    Thanks for visiting Lost in My Library!

    1. IT TOTALLY WAS. I'm sure you'll be able to travel sometime in the future, and I'm sure you'll love it. Thanks for commenting, Clara!

  2. Rainbow Magic Fairy24 February 2016 at 07:20

    That looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really really really really want to go there and fall on my skis and have expensive food and roll in the snow and ahhh!!!!! it just looks so pretty! :)

    Awesome blog!

    1. Yep, you pretty much just summed up my vacation :D I fell a lot, ate a lot of expensive food, rolled in the snow... You would have had so much fun. Thanks for commenting, Rainbow Magic Fairy ;)

  3. What a cool place to visit. And yeah, small kids are annoying, but, hey, Switzerland.


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