The Bookshelf tag

Thank you, Heather @ Sometimes I'm a Story for tagging me! 

The Rules:
-The book(s) you answer with must be from your bookshelf.
-Take of a picture of your bookshelf, if possible, or you could include pictures of your dream shelf. 
-Tag people.

Welcome, jabberwockies, to my bookshelf. 

Describe your bookshelf (or wherever it is you keep your books-it doesn't actually have to be a shelf!)

What is the thickest (most amount of pages) book on your shelf?

I don't know exactly how many pages this is, but
it's over 1000 and I'm worried for my future wrists.

What is the thinest (least amount of pages) book on your shelf?

I got this for my kindergarten graduation, then my
school read it when I graduated so it's kinda important to me. 

Is there a book you received as a birthday gift? 

What's the smallest (height and width wise) book on your shelf?


What's the biggest (height and width wise) book on your shelf?

Also a birthday gift. Man, I used to love American Girl. 

Is there a book from a friend on your shelf?

Thank you, A. 

Most expensive book?

Why was this expensive, you ask?

BECAUSE IT'S SIGNED!!! *fangirls* 

The last book you read on your shelf?

It was very good, if you must ask, although I think I
missed something because I was reading late at night and
I totally missed the point of one of the themes and
now I'm confused. 

Of all the books on your shelf, which was the first you read?

Probably "Oh, the Places You'll Go" again. 

Do you have more than one copy of a book?

Why do I have four copies of "The Voyage of the
Dawn Treader," you ask? I have no idea. 

One is in French, the other is in English. (And no, I haven't
 read the French one yet because I'm currently struggling through
the French "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" so I thought
I'd wait a little to improve before I tackled it.)

What's the newest addition to your shelf?

I went to Europe promising myself that I wouldn't buy books, then
I went to Harrods and got the equivalent of four. ("His Dark
Materials" is a trilogy.) Go figure. 

Do you have the complete series of any book series? 

"Artemis Fowl" 

"The Mysterious Benedict Society" Please excuse the
 mismatching socks. (I couldn't get the stupid books to 
stand up straight.)

"Peter and the Starcatchers" and
 "On the Edge of the Sea of Darkness"
"The Hunger Games"

"The City of Ember"

"The Chronicles of Narnia" (2)


"Fairy Realm" (Yes, I thought it was appropriate to put my Lego
General Grevious vs Obi-Wan Kenobi in the picture with my
"Fairy Realm" books. I don't know why, thinking back on it. 

"Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children"

"The Penderwicks"

"Camp X" and "The Name of this Book is Secret"
(which I accidentally cut off...)

"The Breadwinner"

"Dragonskin Slippers"

What book has been on your shelf FOREVER?

It never could have been any other book. 

What's the most recently published book on your shelf?

The oldest book on your shelf (as in, the actual copy is old)?

Granted, this particular book isn't old but I have a
super old book signed by Richard Adams in the garage in a
box somewhere, so this copy stood in. 
A book you won?

None. (Sadly.)

A book you'd hate to let out of your sight (aka a book you'd never let someone borrow)?

Probably just my signed Arty books. 

Most beat up book?

I had to get my lovely librarians to put a
plastic cover on it to stop it from crumbling in my hands.

Most pristine book?

A book from your childhood?

A book that's not actually your book?


A book with a special/different cover (e.g. leather bound, soft fuzzy cover etc.)? 

They're soft and fuzzy and beautiful!!

A book that is your favourite colour? 

There needs to be more purple books in the world. 

A book that's been on your shelf the longest that you STILL haven't read yet?

It's actually not as bad as I thought it would be. 

Any signed books? 

BONUS!! (Mostly because there weren't any questions that I could manipulate for this...) A book you have an awesome matching bookmark for? 

I actually got it at 221B Baker Street when I was in London :D

Do you adore your bookshelf? Are you running out of room like I am? Tell me in the comments!


  1. Thanks for doing the tag! I knew that you liked Artemis Fowl, but I didn't realize that you were that committed... wow! XD I recall that Felicity was one of my favorite American Girls when I was younger (I still really like that name, a lot, even though my memories of the character make me question my previous judgement) and I also can see that you own a lot a lot a lot of complete series. Wow.

    Also, I really like the aesthetic of your bookshelves! They are so boxy and awesome. :)

    1. Thanks for tagging me, Heather! I had a lot of fun doing it. YES. I LOVE ARTEMIS FOWL. The end.

      And yes, Felicity was my favourite as well. I still have her doll tucked away in my closet. Unfortunately, my only memories of her books was "I shall have no tea," which is basically my American history in a nutshell. Thank you so much! I love them too :)

  2. Oh my gosh. It's. So. Gorgeous. I loved reading this post and seeing all of these fun-looking books that I am now going to have to hunt down and read. Also, your Harry Potter LEGOs are amazing.

    1. THANK YOU! You must hunt down all the books, because the books are amazing. Thank you! Thanks for commenting!

  3. I love your shelves!! Thanks for the tag :)

  4. YOU HAVE THE MAGIC BICYCLE! Oh my goodness, I loved that series when I was little. My mom owns it and I need to steal it from her someday. :) I don't think I've ever come across anyone else who has read/who owns that series. I obsessed over that series so much. OH MY GOODNESS, SO MANY GOOD MEMORIES.

    Also the City of Ember series--I have that too. That was one of the first series I actively collected as a child, and I felt so proud every time I had the money to go into the book store and buy the next book in the series, one at at time, until I had all four. I just recently got my hands on the las two books in the Peter and the Starcatchers series, so now I have the complete set as well (except I guess there's a fifth one with different characters and a different setting, but it doesn't seem like it fits with the series, and I haven't heard anything good about it, so I don't own it and I don't plan to read it).

    I'm so jealous of all your classics. Like, so jealous. *sulks*

    Thanks for tagging me! I actually did this tag last September, but since it's been so long and I've moved and gotten new books and new shelves, I may consider doing this tag again in a few months. :)

    Anyways, I love your shelves! :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. OH MY GOODNESS YOU LIKE IT TOO!!! I swear, no one else has ever heard of it.

      The City of Ember series is amazing. I haven't read it in a few years, but I think it was because the movie was such a disappointment that I kind of moved on. I didn't hear there was a fifth one!!! If it has different characters then maybe not, but still. I'm so glad someone else has read them, it's super hard to find anyone who has.

      Thank you!!! It totally broke my bank account to buy them all, but it was worth it.

      Oh, have you? Well, I hope you enjoy doing it if you decide to do it again. Thanks for commenting, Liz!

  5. Wow, I'm admiring your bookshelf! And yes, I am running out of room on my bookshelf, big-time. The problem is I have no room to put another bookshelf. :O I'm also comforted by your to-be-read stack. I thought I was the only one who continued acquiring books in spite of not keeping up with reading them all...

    1. Thank you!!!! It's a serious problem, isn't it? I once made myself my a promise that I wouldn't buy any more books until I finished the ones I had, and you can see how well that one turned out. Thanks for commenting, Jessica!

  6. Thanks for the tag! I'll hold off on this until I can get home for break and can take pictures of my actual bookshelves.

    1. You're welcome :) I hope you enjoy doing it when you get around to it!

  7. Love it! I thought when you told me you'd tagged me that I'd done this one before, but I haven't :)

    I like your shelves: I like the ornaments and things on them. Bookshelves are so great! They are, obviously, of great practical use, but they're also a thing of beauty!

    What do you think of Miss Peregrine? I got the first one for Christmas so I will have to read it at some point.

    Thanks for tagging me!

    1. Ooh, that's great! I can't wait to read it!

      Why thank you :) I'm particularly proud of my decorations. Yes, BOOKSHELVES ARE THE BEST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

      Miss Peregrine was utterly amazing. It was extremely good and I ended up buying the next two books in the series. And the movie is coming out at some point?

  8. AHH Emily Rodda! :D just found your blog and I love it!

    1. Emily Rodda is amazing! I loved her books when I was little.

      Wow, thanks! You just made my day :D


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