Writer's block is like Captain America

Quick recap for those of you who (somehow) haven't managed to see any of the Captain America movies: Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, was a genetically enhanced super soldier from the Second World War. He flies a plane carrying a huge bomb into the frozen ocean to save New York or something (nine times out of ten it's New York) and becomes a Capsicle. (Ha, ha. See what I did there?) About 75 years later, some people find him in the ice and wake him up. (He doesn't die because he's enhanced. Cool, huh?) 

If you didn't know, Spider-Man is my favourite superhero and
Cap comes in second. Source 

Also quick recap for those of who you (somehow) haven't experienced writer's block: it's basically this sucky existence where you can't write. Hence the name, the block of the writers. 

VoilĂ ! Recap finished. (I'd do up a nice venn diagram for you and make this post nice and short, but I have a feeling that I'd screw the diagram up so let's not do that.)

My venn diagram.

So here we go, why writer's block is like Captain America. 

First of all, writing block sounds super cool to have. You sound pretty impressive when you drag yourself around the house, moaning about how your characters aren't behaving and how you IMMEDIATELY NEED A HOT CHOCOLATE OR SOMEONE IS GOING TO DIE AND THEY MIGHT NOT EVEN BE FICTIONAL. Everyone kinda just stares at you in reverence and runs to get you the hot chocolate. If you're Captain America, you are pretty much the definition of impressive. He walks into a room and everyone realizes that the boss is there. They then rush off to get him a hot chocolate (because obviously that's what you should do).

Writing block is difficult to beat. Like I mentioned before, a good way to deal with it is to flop around the house. Also, yelling at random strangers helps. So does procrastination. Writing blog posts is good, too. But no matter what you do, you can't shake the beast off your shoulders. On the other hand, Captain America is a known warrior/fighter/soldier dude. He's hard to be beat. He has a giant frisbee, and he isn't afraid to use it. *cue epic explosions*

I realize Agent Carter has like nothing to do with my
post, but she's basically my biggest hero and I couldn't
 not put a picture of her in. Source

Writer's block comes up in the randomest of places. Like yeah, sure, you can have a great week and then BAM! suddenly you can't even touch the keyboard without getting burned like a vampire. Did anyone see it coming? No, they did not. Captain America is like that, too. After all, the last place you'd expect to find a super soldier would be the Arctic ice. He just randomly showed up, and it was pretty much useless for S.H.I.E.L.D to ask any questions. They just had to deal with what showed up. 

I would like to point out one difference. Capitan America is awesome, writer's block is not. Would I like to hang out with Captain America for the day? Yes, yes I would. (We would go for ice cream or something. It would be marvellous. (See what I did there?)) Would I like to stab my writer's block in the eyes, then tear out its kidneys? Yes, yes I would. Alas, I am stuck with no Captain America and one case of writer's block. 

Who's your favourite superhero? Have you ever had writer's block? Who's seen Captain America: Civil War? (Hint: it's awesome.)


  1. I still haven't gotten around to Civil War :( I did see Winter Soldier finally! At this rate, I'll probably just have to wait to rent it.

    Loved the post! It was, indeed, marvelous ;). Writer's block sucks, but you can do this!


      Winky face indeed. Thank you!


    I do at times, find it odd when people are not exposed to Marvel. Especially Cap because he's one of the iconic Marvel heroes. Although I personally prefer SPIDER-MAN. But you know. . .

    "He has a giant frisbee, and he isn't afraid to use it." XD That made me laugh.

    Also, that second paragraph. In my head I was seeing Coulson saying, "FURY! Look it! We found a SUPER SOLIDER in ICE! May we keep him? PPPLLLEEEASSSE?!" And Fury's like, "Yeah, I guess he'd come in handy sometime."

    Then Cap basically takes over.

    Civil War was awesome! I was very sad about the division. But I liked it because Bucky was really good in it. Also, everyone on Cap's team was just hilarious. XD And SPIDER-MAN! He was good too (and he didn't die, so that's a plus :P). But Bucky went under ice again which made me really sad too. :(

    1. Oh my goodness, I know. Basically my entire life revolves around Marvel then someone says that they don't know who Iron Man is and I sink into a puddle of green acid that eventually blinds someone (Darvedevil/Matt Murdoch anyone?) AND YES SPIDEY IS LIFE.

      I could so see that happening. Coulson on his knees, Fury looking all serious and mighty. "But PLEASE HE'S LIMITED EDITION!"

      Civil War was so awesome! *sobs uncontrollably* Yeah, the division was sad but I was glad that they actually had a reason to be fighting, and each side had their good and bad sides.

      Bucky and Falcon, Ashley. Bucky and Falcon.

      AND SPIDER-MAN. I fangirled so hard in the theatre that my sister almost had to sit on me to stop me from jumping around, I was so excited. I almost cried. I'm not ashamed. I swear if they kill Spider-Man I'm going to murder someone. They will definitely not be fiction. Also if they mess Spidey up in Homecoming then someone's life will end.

      I'm sorry, I just have mild feelings about this topic that are slowly taking over my life.

      But I was kinda glad that Bucky went under ice again? Because he was just endangering everyone by being awake, and he was taking responsibility for his actions this way and trying to save people in the future because he couldn't always control himself. It was the responsible move, even it it was sad.

      I'm so sorry, that comment was waaaay too long.


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