Guest Post: An Aussie's Guide to Pies

As you may or may not know, I'm in Canada (probably eating Gold Fish and Tim Horton's (also I'll probably be a bit late with responding to comments and visiting all your blogs and stuff)) right now, so I've gotten a few guest posters lined up to entertain you all. Enjoy!

Hey everyone, my name is Rainbow Magic Fairy, well it isn't my real name, its just one of my many nicknames (along with smart lemon, scatterbrain, awesome (ok maybe not that one)) but to sum up a very long boring story I’m a physio student, I have a tendency to dress up as a fairy and my dream is to be a fairy physio and work with kids dressed as a fairy everyday (I used the word "fairy" way too many times in one sentence). Thank you so much Victoria for trusting me to guest post on your fabulous blog! 

A couple of interesting facts about me: I am an Aussie “yeah mate,” I love swimming, I surf (sometimes, I have a little fear of sharks, especially after the whole Mick Fanning incident (if you haven't seen it, be prepared to not enter the water again), I enjoy cooking (when I’m not studying… or procrastinating) and I eat pies… 


don't just eat “pies” but meat pies… a hot beef and gravy concoction in a flaky pastry crust from the local bakery in a paper bag with a chocolate milk (the milk isn't in the bag with the pie it is in your other hand so the cold beverage doesn't come in contact with the warm goodness of the pie and make it go soggy (there is an art to pie eating, don’t judge me ;) hahaha)) Anyways… meat pies are the best! *dramatic microphone drop* Whether you are coming out of the surf and needing a warm snack to make your insides happy, or just feelin’ a meat pie for lunch!

This pie thing does cause a bit of controversy. If you said “would you like a pie?” to me, I would respond with a “yes please” and expect a hot beef and gravy concoction in a flaky pastry crust from the local bakery in a paper bag with a chocolate milk etc etc… but if you said to others “would you like a pie?” they may expect a fruit pie…. What is a fruit pie!?!?! *outraged microphone pick up* I know I am being completely objective, but you can't sit and watch the footy eating a fruit pie, or sit on a beach after a surf eating a fruit pie, or be on a long car trip and pull up at a servo and have a fruit pie (sorry that is a bit bogan, a servo is slang for a service station or petrol station, or the place where you stop and put fuel in your car and eat dodgy expensive food), you have a meat pie! Now I'm not to say I dislike fruit pies, my favourite food is fruit…but I am definitely a strong believer in meat in my pies *second, not as dramatic, microphone drop* :) 

Thank you so much for reading this and putting up with me (and my bias, non evidence based views on pies)! 

Well, what's the final opinion? Fruit or meat pies? 


  1. Firstly, very interesting post Rainbow Magic Fairy!
    I am also an Australian, and as I may not share your enthusiasm for meat pies, I do agree with you in large part. I do not know you but you sound very Australian "yeah mate" ;)

    I do love fruit pies also though, however could only ever see them as a dessert dish!


  2. Rainbow Magic Fairy17 August 2016 at 20:30

    Hi Kate! I am so pleased you agree, pies aren't pies unless they have meat! hahaha, but fruit pies are also delicious for dessert. Thanks mate!

  3. Fruit pies suck. Or maybe not.

    Meatpies? I only eat Nigerian meat pies. The basic filling is only potato and minced meat and when my mum added carrots to them one time... I didn't like it that much.

    To be honest, I'm not racist to pies but... I feel that the Australian meat pie looks... strange? *guards self with armour in case you fight me*

    1. *slams door* GET OUT.

      Hahaha, not racist to pies. I must admit that I've never heard that one before... (But I totally agree.)

  4. As an American, I grew up with fruit pies, so I'm very partial to them. However, in many of the northern states, we have something called "pasties" (pronounced with a short a as in "past") that are essentially meat pies. I've grown to love them, as well. I mean, hot meat, potatoes, rutabaga (which I've only ever had in a pasty), and carrots dipped in ketchup is pretty hard to pass up. (Although, if I was a true northerner, I wouldn't need the ketchup.) Thanks for the post!

    1. *high fives for fruit pies* Well RM, enjoy your pasties. I'll just sit in my corner all alone over here...


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