Wall of Utter Procrastination Update #1

I have a Wall of Utter Procrastination (and if you have no idea what on earth I'm talking about check out this post), and I thought it was high time for a little update. (Because I know all of you are deeply invested in my life and the various going-ons thereof (I'm not even sure if that sentence made any sense but I'm just going to roll with it.))

From October 2015.

My Wall has been getting a little out of control lately. I've been doing a lot of organizational stuff to do with my story world, so I've done lots of calendars and lists of characters (so I know who's where and so I don't repeat names (which I've done twice already (*facepalm*))). 

(Note how I've started going over my door... I'm getting desperate.)

I also got a world map! (Which I had in my last update but I'm going to explain it now because I can.) And it's made me aware of how sucky my geography skills are because sometimes I'll just sit there and look at it and discover all these countries that I didn't even know existed. How much would that suck to be talking to someone and not even know their country existed? 

My brother made me this pastel drawing, which is amazing by the way. (It's the blue and black one.) He's really been getting into those, and he taught me how to do it. (I did the girl with the red hair. And I'm not an artist, but I'm 78% pleased with how it turned out.)

So, there you go. My room is slowly being taken over by random papery nonsense. (We actually had people staying with us for a few days, and they stayed in my room. I was very impressed that they didn't say a single word about my Wall to me, and they just kinda went with it. I dunno, if I were them I'd be asking some pretty serious questions, like what on earth is wrong with you why are you killing the rainforest etc. etc. You know, like most normal people would.)

Anyways, how's life? 


  1. "Is time linear?" -- Love that! Is it a reference to something or just a random question?

    I also like your brother's picture and the red-head! This wall is one of the coolest things I've seen! I'm kind of trying to do something similar with my wall? You know, the yellow smiley face on Sherlock's wall? Yeah. :) One day, I'm going to do that.

    1. It's for a book I'm planning to write sometime in the next ten years (I have about five of those). Time travel and all that good stuff. *twirls moustache*

      Thank you! THANK YOU!!! Oh, I love that wall! It's so cool! You'll have to post something on your blog if you ever get around to it.

  2. "The meaning of a story is molded by the eyes we show it through"....wow. That is a beautiful quote. Your entire wall is beautiful!

    (PS - I tagged you for something on my blog!)

  3. Repeating character names! I have a Jonathan in, like, every novel. I just have a massive crush on the name Jonathan, WHAT, IT HAPPENS, OK?!

    I love the Wordsworth quote (I thiiink it's Wordsworth ... now I'm doubting myself ...) about filling your paper with the breathings of your heart. It's a good'un.

    I have a similar wall, but it has far fewer of my own notes. It's mostly just postcards and pictures art stuff.

    1. OH MY GOODNESS I HAVE A NAME CRUSH ON JONATHAN TOO!! I actually have a Jonathan planned. *brain explodes*

      It's a brilliant quote. (For some reason, writers seem to be good at writing quotes...)

      Ooooh, really? *whispers* Can we see pictures?

  4. I, too, have a wall where I can hang favorite quotes and things, although your wall is far more invested in being a writer than mine is, I think. It's cool to see how people organize these things! (Also, world maps are too legit. *hives*)


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