A severe case of wanderlust

I have self-diagnosed myself with a severe case of wanderlust. 

I want to travel the world. Whenever I get thinking about how big the world is, how enormous, with all its hidden wonders I just want to get on a plane and go. There are so many back alleys covered with the graffiti of a teenager who doesn't know how to deal with the words and images drowning his soul, so many monuments built to honour gods who are no longer worshiped, so many forests covered in a dusting of snow where bobcats tread on velvet paws. 

There is so much food I have never tried, oceans I haven't drank, skies I've never touched, so many languages that I've never heard spoken aloud. There are so many customs I've never heard of, so many paths to take in life that I haven't even considered and that's such a beautiful thing. 

What's the point of staying in one place for the rest of your life? Of course, there will always be security in a job, a house, a car, a routine, and to be human is to need security. It's a human need to have a roof to hide under when the winds come. You can be safe, but you'll look up at your ceiling every night and know that it's as far as you're getting. 

I don't have to sell everything and travel from place to place, never settling. I've had plenty of feeling unsettled in my lifetime. I'm fine with living in one place, but I hope I never stop looking up at the sky and wondering what else is out there. I hope I never decide to spend my vacation savings on a new toy instead, I hope I never forget what it's like to step off a plane and think, what now? I hope I never overestimate my importance in this world enough to think that I don't need further education in culture, music, language, geography, people. I hope I never lose my unsatisfiable craving for the next horizon. 

Have you caught this new strain of wanderlust yet? 


  1. I've actually never really had a sense of wanderlust before but I am willing to travel around to find a place called home. Ireland is okay but it still doesn't feel quite like 'home' despite living there since I was two.

    1. That sounds like wanderlust to me :) I hope you find a place you can call home one day.

  2. This is sooo beautiful. I love it. A lot. I want to go everywhere. At the moment I have Kenya to look forward to (!!) but I can't wait to travel a gazillion other places for the rest of my life!

    1. *flails* I can't wait until you go to Kenya! I want to hear all about it and see so many lovely pictures and stories and stuff and all the things. And yes, we shall travel until the end of time :)


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