Victoria's Guide to Journalling (part 2)

Journalling is great. (I covered that in part 1.) It's an awesome way to remember what you did last week (especially when you're someone like me who only remembers what I had for breakfast because I have the same thing every morning (two minute oats, if you must know)) and to get the frustration out of the day out of your system.

Today, I thought I'd go over how exactly you're supposed to journal. Mostly, you just sit down and write about your day, but that's a bit boring and doesn't properly fill a blog post so I've come up with a fool-proof guide for you.

Victoria's Guide to Journalling

1) Buy yourself a beautiful journal from your local bookstore.
2) Let your family know that you are journaling and write in it in front of them so they know how dedicated you are.
3) Be dedicated and write in it daily for up to three weeks.
4) Miss a day and apologize in your journal, even though you know that probably no one will read it. 
5) Realize that you are writing the same thing every day. (I woke up, went to school, did homework, watched TV, went to bed.) 
6) Re-think your life. 
7) Realize all life is meaningless and that we are all going to die. 
8) Voice these thoughts in your journal, because your journal is where all your important thoughts belong. 
9) Discover that being deep and meaningful is fun and fill up several pages of deep and meaningful thoughts. 
10) Re-discover how fun journaling is, re-discover the meaning of life and re-discover pizza (because why not?). 
11) Impulsively buy every beautiful journal you come across, drain your bank account and stack the new and oh-so-beautiful journals underneath your bed for the day you'll need them. 
12) Journal like mad for the next several weeks/months.
13) Finish your journal and feel very proud of yourself. 
14) Repeat steps 1-14 as many times as necessary. 

Do you journal? Do you ever find yourself following any of these steps? 


  1. Hmm... Maybe a few of these steps. I've never been too insistent with myself that I be a consistent journaler, so I don't have a lot of guilt over those things. Also, I have been known to receive and/or steal new journals when I finish my last one, so... You know.

    But, number twelve usually happens at some point! That's how I've gotten through so many. XD

  2. "Rediscover pizza" YES!! Always rediscover pizza. Rediscover writing, and Spider-Man, and good music. . . *cough* Sorry, I got a bit carried away there.

    You make me want to journal more. :)

  3. I approve of rediscovering pizza. I'm always rediscovering it, and it's quite marvelous.

    I love journaling too, although I've struggled with consistency over the past few years, because I can't write super quickly by hand, so it can be difficult to justify taking an hour out of the day to get my thoughts out when I could be using that time to work on my book. But now that I've bought a wrist brace, I will have no excuse.

    Ugh, yes, I also apologize in my journal when I miss long stretches of time (though usually not when I miss a day, because I don't necessarily have the time to journal everyday, so I don't expect to). My biggest frustration with journaling is that I have so many journals lined up, and so little time to fill them, but I want to buy more! :( So I just get frozen and don't write anything, which is super lame.

    But this is a good reminder to think about being more consistent, since I haven't journaled in about a month. Maybe after NaNoWriMo I'll attack with a vengeance to make up for lost time. :P

  4. Hm... those steps are definitely something! (What else would they be, Grace?).

    Though I don't think I'll buy tons of journals when I start xD That is, IF I start xD


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