In which I am not, in fact, dead

So spoiler alert, I have not died. I have, in fact, been a little busy hence why I have sadly had to neglect all my lovely friends over yonder Internet. (I have no idea if that sentence made any sense but we're just going to run with it.) 

I've been busy, though! November has not gone to waste for me.

I have...
-kicked NaNoWriMo's butt (finished a day early with 50,225 words)
-read tons of books
-been busy with my younger sister's graduation
-worn through the knees of my beloved gi 
-gotten a temporary tattoo, which was supposed to last a month but only lasted a week (thanks, Internet) 
-had my mental health decide to just quit
-worked waaay more than normal
-moved into the living room because that's where the air con is and summer sucks
-mourned the death of winter
-bought my school textbooks for next year (*sobs*)
-spent a good five hours at church trying to get ready for Christmas (and almost threw the computer at the wall in the process)
-drove all around town trying to find houseplants for my sister
-got a pretty good sunburn while attempting to find said houseplants for my sister
-watched my awesome brother get his school awards
-had a going away party for a friend (more on that next week)
-relentlessly teased my sister about her wicked sunburn
-headed to the big library in the next town for an amazing book haul

All in all, I don't really have much of an excuse for being away for so long except NaNo, which I should have seen coming and, you know, prepared blog-wise for it. Apparently I'm not Wonder Woman who can do all the things. (Besides, Wonder Woman is waaaay cooler than I am.) 

I am thankful for the break, I think I needed to take a step back from blogging for a month and focus on other things. In saying that, I'm glad to be back online and once again back in the thick of things. Thanks for being patient with me during my unexpected hiatus!

Have I missed much while I was away? How did everyone do with NaNoWriMo? 


  1. Holla! Nice to see you! November sounds mostly good, WELL DONE WITH NANO! What was the book? The cancer one? I forget.

    Show us a pic of the tat! What's it of?? And what good books did you read??

    Sorry to hear about the mental health dip. I hope taking a break from the internet helped, and now you return and we are here with open arms! :*

    1. *waves* I'M BACK!! I haven't posted anything about it really, it's about an artificial intelligence who becomes besties with a teenage girl. My little robot is a cinnamon roll of cuteness and . (Then again, all my characters are cinnamon rolls, so...)

      Ha, it was gone about 3-4 weeks ago :( It was the symbol for recovery from an eating disorder, because I kinda needed the reminder that I have to eat, but then it washed off in a week so that was lame.

      Man, I read a whole lot of books. The Raven King (!!!), Alive (the football team that crashed in the Andes?), Half the Sky (PLEASE READ IT it's about feminism in developing countries and literally changed my life), The Magician's Elephant by Kate DiCamillo, The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath (<3) and a couple others that don't come to mind at the moment. Great reading month :)

      *falls into open arms* *misses* *falls on face* It's good to be back :)

  2. I rather like this photo!

    Man, you had a busy month! I'm glad you're back though. We did miss you. :) Congrats NaNo! And everythiiing!

    I am going home for Christmas this weekend. And on the way I'm stopping by a friends. So I'm rather excited about that. During Dec I hope to get a lot of reading and editing done. We'll see how that goes. XD

    I hope the AU heat isn't treating you to badly.

    1. Thanks! (I do too :D)

      I'M BACK!! *makes dramatic entrance* *sets fireworks off* *sets something on fire* *backs away slowly*

      Oh nice! I hope you enjoy going home! Good luck with your writing!

      Nah, air-conditioning is a lovely invention :) Thanks for commenting, Ashley!


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