Movie review: Rogue One

After Disney bought Star Wars, nerds everywhere have been blessed with a rapid influx of movies that seem to almost come out faster than we can refill our wallets. (Almost.) This year, it's Rogue One hitting theatres. Shortly before A New Hope, a young Jyn is living with her mother and her scientist father on a farm, but the empire shows up and forces her father to work on the Death Star. Jyn barely manages to escape. Eventually, she's roped into finding her father to help save life, the universe and everything. 


I wasn't terribly impressed at first. I felt the plot was a little slow, and there was a lot of back story and explaining to be done before we really got anywhere. (And unlike every other Star Wars movie ever, the main theme didn't blast out right after the title sequence. I felt a little betrayed.) Like yeah, we can all see where this is going. Rebel girl doesn't want to help rebels, gets captured and forced to help, falls in love with the captain, sees the error of her ways and takes down the empire. Been there, done that. 

But then the second half of the movie hit. For the most part, my prediction was accurate but it was the execution that nailed it. I warmed up to Jyn about a third of the way through the movie, and though she was rough around the edges I loved her for it anyways. The secondary characters were beautiful little cinnamon rolls and they were often at odds with each other, which was great for conflict. 

I can't pinpoint the exact moment when the plot sped up, but I found myself on the edge of my seat at some point and I couldn't sit back down. There were rebellions within the rebellion, there were executions in the rain, there were massive fights on the beach and explosions and people sneaking into bases and it was all so glorious and beautiful. (And there wasn't a love story. I almost cried golden unicorn tears of happiness.) 


Other notes: Like The Force Awakens, the whole movie felt so real and gritty, unlike many movies dripping in CGI. And the ending. It completely took me by surprise, but it was perfect. (However, spoilers. But it was awesome.) And I was also very pleased with the fact that Jyn (and Rey in The Force Awakens) weren't noticeably wearing makeup (because let's be honest it's Hollywood of course they're wearing makeup). It's a big improvement from Return of the Jedi where Leia was rescuing Han from Jabba and she had her makeup perfectly done. I don't have time to do my makeup on a day-to-day basis, let alone when I'm fighting a crime lord. I like the women in Star Wars are becoming more real, more human. Overall, Rogue One is another win for Disney and for the fans (but not for our wallets), and just by writing this review I've become desperate to rewatch the latest saga in the Star Wars universe. 

Have you seen Rogue One yet? What did you think? Do you think Disney is overdoing it with the Star Wars movies? 


  1. So I'm not a huge Star Wars fan. It's interesting, but let's face it. Sherlock takes so much of my time, I don't have a minute to spare for other things. But I do like the plots, the occasional sass, the jump to light speed. I just can't nerd out about it because I can't for the life of me spell or remember everyone's name. Among other things.

    But I admit that I rather enjoyed Rogue One. I think I like it more than the others? When I figured out where in the timeline the movie fell in (aka when the Death Star was shown), I kind of predicted the ending. And it was well executed. For some reason for me Star Wars has been more about the plot. I've never really gotten attached to a character (except maybe R2-D2 and Padame is cool). But I like the pilot. And K2. I kinda wanted more on the pilot.

    I agree about the make-up thing.

    I was disappointed that the main theme didn't play at the beginning too. I mean, Star Wars is about the epic music just as much as it is about cool spaceships! About the spaceships. I did like the CGI, although every time they showed in-space scenes of the spaceships, they looked like they were built out of legos. XD Which was awesome.

    I will admit though. Darth Vader kinda disappointed me in this one. He was not half as threatening and intimidating as he should've been. He just wagged his finger in the guy's face like a fussy wife.

    And Cassian, Cassian. I know you were sent to kill Jyn's father, but come now. Use your head. An Imperial official was right there in front of you. You had such a clean shoot of his whiny little head. WHY DIDN'T YOU TAKE IT!?

    Hm, should I shoot the scientist dude who has already caused the "damage" that he "intended" to cause? Or should I go for that guy dressed in white who's yelling at everyone like he thinks he's in charge? No, no he can't be important. Instead let me have an internal crisis about shooting Jyn's father because I have a mild crush on her.

    *bangs head on back of theater seat*

    *throws popcorn bucket*

    Shoot the imperial official, Cassian!

    I'm sorry. That one part. It just didn't make sense.

    I do agree with you about the romance. Sure, we understood that they fancied each other. But I like that the movie didn't force an overnight instalove between them. And that they all realistically died. It's amazing that Disney of all companies made this movie. I bet there was someone on set who had to be lashed down and gag because they kept yelling at Cassian and Jyn to kiss.

    1. *gasps* WHAT. Hahaha, that's true. Have you seen the new episode? *weeps for seven and a half years* Well, fair enough. Those are valid points.

      It's definitely a different tone to the other SW movies, it's much more of a war movie than adventuring-through-space kinda thing. I'm not with you there, I'm totally attached to the characters. But yeah, the pilot was awesome, I loved him.

      I ALMOST CRIED I WAS SO SAD!!! I didn't really notice that, tbh.

      I must admit that scene was a little disappointing but come one, that scene where he kills all those rebels at the end is completely epic and I loved it to bits.


      Yeah, like they obviously liked each other but they had more important things to do like save the universe and whatnot and kissing was pretty low on their list of priorities. I know, right? Like is this the same Disney I know? But it was an awesome ending. Hahaha, just imagining that... Thanks for commenting!

  2. I really didn't like Rogue One all that much for the plot, except for the ending. (Although, the lack of an awful love story definitely won points. Points for realism there. And points for realism on make-up, too--didn't notice that offhand, but it's a good note).

    A. The dude who raises Jyn--he's really sort of pointless. Like he's a messenger who just up and dies--what? Don't get it. I would have much rather had more time with the other minor characters.

    B. Why is everyone in the Rebel meeting? I know it's a minor detail. But why is random pilot 23 given the same sway as Mon Mothma? That whole scene irked me.

    C. Darth Vader really should have had a better role. If you're going to have him in the movie, he needs an epic reason to be there. And is he still on Mustafar? Why did they stop showing planet names part of the way through?

    D. The teasers for us mourning the death of the Extended Universe. You mention the Shaman of the Whills and don't do anything with it? *Gives stink eye*. It would've been a great connector between the two trilogies! And they blew it!

    E. Why does the creepy CGI Princess Leia have a lame line right at the end? You could have just shown her back and everyone would have known who it was.

    However, I think the battle scene at the end is my favorite in the Star Wars universe--which is saying something. Kudos to them for that. It really redeemed the movie for me.

    I apologize for essentially writing an entire post in the comments. I like my Star Wars. *Shrugs sheepishly*.

    1. Yeah, the realism in this movie was great, although I'm sad you didn't really enjoy it.

      A. Good point. I guess someone had to raise her, though? But good point.

      B. Also good point. I don't think everyone made it to the meeting, maybe just the commanders and captains and stuff? Not sure.

      C. I rather liked his role. He wasn't the main baddie and I was ok with that. I loved that scene at the end where he killed all those rebels on the spaceship, it was so epic. Each to her own, I suppose.

      D. *hides under a rock* I'm not too familiar with the EU so I didn't catch those references.

      E. But I loved that line!!! Once again, each to her own.

      Yeah, that battle scene was spectacular. I was so thrilled when Cassian got shot and Jyn just kept going, it was a nice change. No, I loved reading it! Thanks so much!

    2. I will give you the end scene with Vader. I thought that was well played, and I suppose they did have to give him a reason to be there.


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