Movie Review: Moana

But Victoria, is this another movie review? Yes, yes it is. 

In Moana, there is a darkness creeping across the world and it can only be stopped by restoring the heart of Te Fiti, a goddess. Moana, the daughter of the chief, journeys across the ocean with demigod Maui to save the world and stuff. (I seem to end most of my blurbs with "and they have to save the world and stuff". Apologies.)


I loved this movie. I LOVED THIS MOVIE. I'm a huge Disney fan anyways, and this movie filled the gap in what I was missing with my Disney movies. There wasn't a drop of romance, which was spectacular and a brilliant change for once. What also tends to be missing in Disney movies is culture, and this movie did such a brilliant job of closing that gap. (Obviously I'm not from the Polynesian islands so I don't know how good of a job they did with accurately representing the culture, but from my uneducated viewpoint they did great.) 

The songs were stuck in my head all day long (which is a good thing, by the way, they were awesome), the animation was gorgeous and I loved the themes and messages. I loved how when Moana was faced with the challenge of taking on a lava demon, the first thing she did was put her hair up. That's the first thing most girls with long hair do when presented with a challenge, and that little detail made me so happy, along with the fact that she looks like a regular human being. (I have a feeling I could snap Elsa in half, she's so skinny.) I also cried a little? I just get emotions, ok? Don't judge. My only criticism is that her pet pig didn't have more screen time. What the heck, Disney? 

Have you seen Moana? Did you like it? Are you planning on seeing it? 


  1. I can't say that I'm planning on seeing Moana, but I was also positively impressed with the fact that she does look like an actual woman. Yay for reality and legs that don't look like sticks!

    1. It's not for everyone, of course :) But yeah, I was very impressed. Especially her legs! Look at those solid, normal looking legs! YAY!!

  2. I don't know about snapping Elsa in half, but my sister got some Frozen figurines. They got thrown on the floor during a tantrum and Anna's head broke off. So. I don't know if that says anything. But there you go.

    I enjoyed this movie, too! I kind of struggled with the role Maui played, and I think it might have been better if he had a more minor role. But, I liked the music and I liked the grandma, so it has that going for me.

    1. Hahaha, that's hilarious :) Well, maybe I was exaggerating just a little when I said I could snap her in half, but it's not far off.

      I didn't really mind Maui's part, although now that you mention it I probably could have used a little more Moana and a little less Maui. Ha, I've actually had the music stuck in my head for like the last two hours XD


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