Appreciate an Artist Week 2017

For the last two years, I've been writing a letter to artists I've appreciated that year. I don't tend to tell people I appreciate them enough, even if they've had a noticeable positive impact on my life. And we should all be a little more thankful, don't you think? (And why is this thing a week long, you ask? It's because I can't get my act together to a) put this post up on time or b) stop procrastinating long enough to send someone a letter.)

A million thanks to my friend who went with
it as I started shoving flowers in her hair.

In 2015, I wrote to Owl City and in 2016 I wrote to Patrick Ness. (Amazingly, Patrick Ness wrote back to me. I screamed like a schoolgirl when I got his letter in the mail.) 

This year, I wanted to write to Jessica Kellgren-Fozard. (You should definitely check her out.) She's a YouTuber/TV presenter from the UK and I've been in love with her channel for the past few weeks. Her sense of fashion is beyond fabulous and she talks a lot about her disabilities (for one, she's deaf (and thus I've been learning a tiny bit of BSL (I'm going to conquer the world next people, just you wait))). I always learn something new whenever I watch her channel and she's always so positive and hilarious. 

On a different note, in case you haven't noticed each year I've written to a different type of artist. I suppose it's because art comes in so many different forms and I think it's silly to limit art to painting/drawing. I believe art is anything creative that reflects the human experience, so what's art to me may not be art to you. (This is especially true of my sister and I (YES BLOGGING IS ART)). 

This is why I write to different types of artists each year. YouTubers are artists, musicians are artists, authors are artists. We can all be artists and appreciate one another for our individual contributions to the world, no matter how small they may be. 

And that's beautiful.

Who are you writing to this week? Tell me in the comments!


  1. Nice update to blog design! I've been waiting for this week to come around this year, because I think I'm actually going to participate. I'm not sure who exactly I'm going to write to, but I was thinking of writing to one of the musical artists I've discovered recently.

  2. Such a pretty picture - love the flowers. I love owl City! I have considered writing Natalie Grant (christian artist) and Katherine Paterson (author). But never actually have.

    Thank you for visiting my blog, and commenting. I loved what you said about not needing to know ourselves better, as that's what I'm saying in my second MB post next week :D and it's so true.


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