Bonus Post: I want to be in a watch advertisement (AKA my (useless) New Year's Resolution)

As I write this, I'm in the middle of trekking across the unmapped wilderness of the Taiwanese metro system. Soon, I will be trekking across the unmapped wilderness of the Japanese metro system. Life is cool. Travel is cool. 

Woot woot!

I've had to go through an airport or two to get here (I live in Australia, I obviously can't kayak to Taiwan), and airports always have the best advertisements. I'm a huge fan of the expensive watch ads, see below:


Like look at that! It's fabulous! 

Also this one:


It is my absolute dream to become a watch model person. I'd love to wear a fancy (and incredibly expensive) watch with an equally fancy (and incredibly expensive) suit (although I don't like wearing suits, maybe a great dress? (Or my PJs. I'm not picky)), and stare into the middle distance for no particular reason. 

Thus, I want to become a watch model. Forget engineering and writing, I want to wear fancy things and stare at things that don't exist and make lots of money. So if any of my readers happen to be in charge of an expensive watch company, hit me up man. 

Happy New Years everyone! Tell me about your New Year's Eve adventures in the comments!


  1. Whoa, this new blog design!

    And this is lowkey so extra xD

  2. Oh my god, scrap the healthy eating and "new year, new me" resolutions, just become a watch model! Honestly, this post made me laugh. Over the past year I've gone from "I want to be an actress" to "I want to be a trapeze artist" to a bunch of other super extra things, but now I just want to be a writer again lol. I have a resolution to eat less dairy and gluten because they make me veeerry ill, so are probably things I should have cut out a while ago, but hey. If you happen to become a super famous watch model though, don't forget us okay?

    Little Moon Elephant


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