On travelling alone

In January, my sister and myself travelled to Japan and Taiwan by ourselves. (So obviously not totally alone, but it was still a bit step from travelling with one or two parents at all times.) It was our first trip overseas wherein I was the legal adult (which was slightly terrifying to be honest). 

I learned a lot from our trip, and thought I could pass on my knowledge to y'all. 

1. Download Google Maps and Google Translate. Use until your eyes fall out. 

GOOGLE MAPS SAVED OUR LIVES. We couldn't always get internet, so we downloaded Google Maps and used it offline. We used it all the time, especially when trying to figure out which train to take or how to get to a certain museum. Google Translate is super helpful in countries where you don't speak the language as well. 

2. Watch out for creeps.

I believe most women have a sixth sense (whether or not it's developed or not is another thing. Mine only got half-decent in about the past two or so years), which is an ability to sense which guys are creeps. (Obviously some girls are creeps but it's easier to spot the guys.) If your gut is telling you someone is a creep, point it out to your travelling buddies, get in a public place, find other people, and watch out for him. Your gut will rarely lie. 

3. Keep in touch with home base. 

I contacted my parents every single day. Not only did Mom help me with transferring money, which hotel I had to check into next, and advice for when things went wrong, but she also knew that if I stopped contacting her then something was wrong and she'd send for help. We also ran into trouble with our visa in the airport (which is weird, but apparently our citizenship hadn't gone through) so Mom was able to send the paperwork through. 

Above all, be smart, pay attention, and don't get into situations you feel are unsafe. You'll be fine. I believe in you :)

What are your favourite travel tips?


  1. It sounds like quite an adventure you had! Thanks for the tips! They're good to know, and thanks for your reassurance. :)

    1. You're welcome! I hope you get to put them into practice sometime :)


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