What writers can learn from Thor

Thor used to be one of my least favourite Marvel characters. Especially in the first movie, he took himself much too seriously. Too noble, too intense, too sober. I personally couldn't relate to him, and he had far too much to grow as a character before I could start cheering for him. 

However, with the (semi) recent release of Thor Ragnarok I found myself actually liking Thor as a superhero. I really appreciate how Marvel changed Thor's character over the course of three Thor movies and two Avengers movies, and think writers can learn a lot from him. 

1. Audience feedback is key

In the first Thor movie, Thor throws a glass on the ground and yells, "another!". This line became internet famous, and I think Marvel picked up on that and tried to incorporate more ridiculous moments like that in future movies. Obviously, not everyone has the privilege of learning from their audiences, especially with their novels. But blog posts? Beta readers? Online snippets? Definitely. Use your readers' feedback to improve your craft. 

2. It's ok to take your characters in different directions

Thor is a drastically different character from the first to the third movie. He isn't afraid to take a jab at his own expense, he's funny, and he knows on some level he's ridiculous and revels in it. The important thing is to take the changes slowly. Thor takes five movies to get to where he is in Thor Ragnarok, and I think if he changed any faster then it'd give the audience whiplash. Any character arc has to be gradual and logical. 

3. Don't be afraid to have some fun

If you've seen Thor Ragnarok, you'll know what I'm talking about. Thor trying to guess the password to the Quinn Jet? Thor hanging his hammer up in Jane's house? Thor stalling Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron? The best thing ever. Don't be afraid to have some fun and be slightly ridiculous while you're at it. 

Who's your favourite superhero? (Marvel only, unless it's Wonder Woman of course.)


  1. I love Thor! I have a hard time picking between Thor, Captain America, and Hawkeye (hello, archery). Granted, I've really only watched the movies and I'm not really into comics, but I really enjoy all of them. Wonder Woman is great, too, but the DC Universe is so depressing overall. However, I did thoroughly enjoy the Dark Knight trilogy and credit it with getting me hooked on superheroes in the first place, so I do have to give a hat-tip to Batman.

    1. YASSSSS!! They're all pretty awesome, although I'm not happy with how little screen time Hawkeye has been getting as of late. Wonder Woman is pretty amazing, and as much as I have my issues with Batman the Dark Knight Trilogy was fantastic.


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