Oh, the Places You'll Go: Melbourne

We went to Melbourne a few years ago on vacation in July. It was winter and it was quite cold... SO I GOT TO WEAR MY SCARVES!!!

I was pretty thrilled. 

We wandered around the city for a couple of days, seeing the sights and enjoying the cold weather. Melbourne has a huge Italian background, so we had dinner on this one Italian street where pretty much every single restaurant had amazing Italian food. 

There's also this giant road by the ocean called The Great Ocean Road (who saw that one coming?). We took a tour bus for hours, watching out the window and stopping at different beaches and views. While the landscape was totally amazing, I did not appreciate being in a car for such long hours with lots of other people. I know, introvert problems. 

How amazing is that view?!?!

Another day, we checked out the fairy penguins on the beach. There was this information centre that we went to first, then we headed towards a walkway and waited until nightfall. Eventually, tiny penguins tumbled in on the surf and waddled towards their burrows further inland. The whole area was roped off, of course, so we didn't get to cuddle the wild animals (for some reason, someone thought that was a bad idea) but we did get to watch, which was pretty cool. 

Sadly, with the beach being dark and roped off, I couldn't get
any pictures of  the penguins. However, there were wallabies
on the hills next to the beach and they are pretty darn cute. 

There was also this costume exhibit at the museum (unfortunately, with it being a museum and an exhibit and other boring reasons that I'm not 100% sure about, we couldn't take pictures). We got to see Spider-Man's costume (!!!) (have I mentioned that Spidey is my favourite superhero yet? I think I might have to do a post on it in the near future...), costumes from The Great Gatsby (unfortunately I didn't appreciate it at the time because I hadn't even heard of the book), Harry Potter, The Wizard of Oz and The Dark Knight. I absolutely adored it. 

In case you haven't noticed, I am the queen of putting up pictures
that have nothing to do with my post. (Like I mentioned before, we
couldn't take pictures in the exhibit.) So, I have plopped a random
picture of a cool building in instead!! It is pretty cool, though, I
think. (I am also the queen of super long captions. *shrugs*) 

We haven't been back to Melbourne, which is rather unfortunate. I think it's my favourite Australian city I've been to so far. Brisbane is too familiar (I know, it's weird but true), Sydney is too touristy but Melbourne is a super cool blend of home and Australia. 


  1. Rainbow Magic Fairy8 December 2015 at 15:21

    It sounds like you must of had the most amazing time!!! That costume museum is so cool! :) Great post, can't wait to hear about your travels in Europe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah, Melbourne is amazing! I'd love to live there one day. Hahaha, thanks, I'm super excited too! And you must tell me about your upcoming trip...

  2. TINY PENGUINS???? OH MY GOODNESS I NEED ONE LIKE RIGHT NOW. Seriously though, how cruel of them not to let you cuddle the tiny penguins. Poor, sad, unloved penguins. But hey, wallabies are great too. *packs up and moves to Melbourne*

    Apparently the people who made the rules about not taking pictures of the exhibits have very cold, dark hearts. You know what, I bet they're the same people who wouldn't let you cuddle the penguins. It would be just like them. :P

    Ack, sitting in a vehicle with a bunch of other people for hours and hours sounds like a rather unpleasant experience, but I'm glad you had a lovely view to make it a little better at least. :)

    1. THEY WERE SO CUTE!!!! Yeah, for some reason they didn't want hundreds of tourists hugging the wild penguins. Weird, I know. And yes, wallabies are just adorable.

      They do have cold, dark hearts. Those people just want to suck the joy out of everything.

      Yeah, it wasn't awesome, but the views were so spectacular that it was completely worth it. The Great Ocean Road is just incredible and totally worth any discomfort to get there.

  3. I love the wallaby picture! It sounds so cute. :) How cold was it there? And it's too bad you couldn't take pictures, but you know, at least there won't be any flash damaging articles or anything. :P Glad you had a good time! :)

    1. Thanks!! They are just adorable. I think it was only about 5-15 degrees C on any given day, so it wasn't *that* cold but it was a lot colder than in Central Queensland.

  4. I love this post! It makes me want to travel so badly. Why does Australia have to be so far away, ahah!

    1. Thank you! If you get the chance, you should totally come!!


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