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I always find it interesting to see what people do at the small hours of the night when sleep evades them. One of my favourite artists, Adam Young/Owl City, writes music. (He actually wrote Fireflies when he couldn't sleep one night.) My sister goes on Pinterest or watches interviews for the newest movies on YouTube. My mom tries to read but ends up falling asleep in a few minutes, or she just stares at the ceiling and worries. My brother goes on his iPad. He probably plays Minecraft. (And I don't think Dad has ever had a sleepless night in his life.)


I usually lay awake for a while, then I either read or do some writing. Once, I watched an hour long Owl City concert until 2am before I fell asleep. Tonight (this morning?) I tried to sleep before I realized that this would just be one of those nights. Then I did some writing for my NaNo project. Then I was hungry (so I quietly grabbed a giant glass of chocolate milk (half chocolate milk, half white milk. I'm picky) and a spoonful of peanut butter). 


After that, I cranked Relient K's newest song Bummin' through my headphones and did some work on (one of) my non-NaNo projects. I now have written a thousand words about a five year old getting framed for the serious crime of knocking over a manequin and rocked out to my song, which, at this point, has been replayed about twenty times. (It's quite hard to properly rock out to a song while surrounded by pillows, but I did my best. It basically involved cranking my headphones during the good parts and waving my arms and bobbing my head the best I could without actually moving, then turning the volume down the rest of the time so I didn't damage my hearing.) 


I've taken a break to write up this post. I might go back and do some writing. I might not. But I probably will. 


What do you do when you can't sleep?


  1. I love how you write when you can't sleep. I usually stay up really late and usually have a hard time sleeping before midnight unless I'm just so tired I could fall over.

    I usually write at night. But I also read sometimes, or binge watch movies/tv series. My mom is a night owl too and we watch movies together often. But if I wake up early in the morning, I usually just lay in bed hoping I'll fall back to sleep sometime soon. :P

    1. I'm sorry you have such a hard time getting to sleep :/ That sucks.

      That's great that you and your mom can entertain each other late at night. Thanks for commenting, Ashley!

  2. Rainbow Magic Fairy21 April 2016 at 19:43

    I eat... enjoy a bit of hamish and andy or horrible histories and usually I get to sleep :) ha ha ha

    It is so cool how so many people take such a different approach to sleeplessness, I love how you have your own little concert, i'll have to try that one out some time, ha ha ha :)

    Awesome blog!

    1. Ooh, Horrible Histories sounds like a good idea. I might have to try that one out...

      It is interesting, isn't it? I think it really shows who you are and your personality, to some extent.

      Yep, having a mini-concert is definitely a good way to go. I just have to make sure I don't damage my ear drums... Thanks for commenting, Rainbow Fairy Magic :)

  3. I lie awake for ages thinking "my mother always says that if you lie awake for longer than 20 minutes you should put your light on and read", and I know that she's right but I also know that I normally take at least 45 minutes to heed the advice. I then read poetry, write poetry, or read from the Roald Dahl omnibus by my bed, aptly titled "Bedtime Stories for Sleepless Nights". (I love that man so much I can't tell you.) Sometimes I also sing to myself in the dark (no one can hear me from my room), which tbh is probably about as creepy as it sounds.

    Love this post, by the way.

    1. Ha, I've never heard of the 20 minute mark. I usually take half an hour to an hour to go read or something. See, when I read and/or write poetry it just makes me upset. My poetry is pretty dark most of the times. Although I really want that book now. Seriously. I NEED IT. And yeah, that does sound pretty creepy :P

      Thank you. It's one of my favourites, personally. I think it's because I was so annoyed/tired/upset/angry/bored at that point that I couldn't be anything else other than completely honest. Thanks for commenting, Emily!


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