My favourite blogs

(I'm totally not writing this post because I have no idea what else to write. Promise.)

Which blogs do I read, you ask? I answer all! 

Adam Young - Once when I was struggling with anxiety, this blog and his music helped me sleep. Hilarious, random, beautiful stories, especially further back in the archives. 

A Splash of Ink - Sunny always has interesting opinions on reading and writing, and whenever she learns something cool in class she shares it on her blog. She also talks about photography sometimes, so I was sold. 

down by the willows - Amazing photography. Beautiful poetry. (I can't understand the poetry half the time, but I still love it.) Her blog makes me feel happy. 

Go Teen Writers - Amazing writing advice and a great community. I think this blog is how must people got into blogging. Need I say more?

Here and There - Daily photos of Nova Scotia. Reminds me of home. Gorgeous. 

Ink Inc. - Emily writes about writing and posts her Starting Sparks stories, which is always extremely enjoyable. Plus, she's awesome and funny. 

Justine Larbalestier - She's married to Scott Westerfeld, and while I like his books better her blog is way better than his. She talks about racism and sexism and is Australian and awesome. 

Migg Mag - Marie writes about plus-sized fashion and body positivity. It's not something I'd usually read, but she always has interesting opinions and great pictures. 

Miss Adventure - Susanna moved to Wales to study, and she talks about her experiences living overseas. (She actually guest posted for me not too long ago.) She likes reading and writing and learning new things, and exploring her new home. She always has funny stories to tell. 

Opal Swirls - Opal writes about books and writing and she does fabulous gifs and is always entertaining. 

Out of Coffee, Out of Mind - Liz always writes fantastic reviews and personal reflections and is generally an incredible blogger. I will be reading her blog for as long as she decides to blog. 

Paper Fury - Go read Cait's blog. Just go. (Book reviews, reading and writing, in case you didn't know.)

Planet Lydia - I'm not really sure what genre Lydia's blog is. Lifestyle? In any case, I enjoy it. 

Sometimes I'm a Story - Heather is completely sarcastic, terribly funny and always thoughtful, deep and interesting. She always has great opinions on stories and villains. 

The Book Hound - RM writes great Christian speculative fiction reviews... yes, the genre actually exists, which I didn't think it did. I've found many awesome books through her blog. (Ok, like three, but the rest are on my TBR list because they sound amazing.) She also writes about writing and she has interesting and entertaining posts (and guest posted for me as well).

This Incandescent Life - Formerly The Dreaming Hobbit, Emily writes about living to your full potential and being happy and being awesome. Which is always nice. 

To the Barricade! - Aimee is just generally hilarious and she's a sci-fi nerd, which always makes me happy. And the sarcasm. The sarcasm is awesome. 

Maureen Johnson - HILARIOUS. CAPS. AMAZING. Unfortunately, she hasn't posted lately and all her archives are locked away in cyberspace somewhere, but I await patiently because I almost cry tears of pure joy whenever I read her blog. 

YAvengers - Avengers. Blogging. About writing. What more could you ask for? They don't post much anymore, and only Captain America has posted in the past six months or so, so I hope they get it back up and running because it really is a great, informative and hilarious blog. 

Zero Waste Home - A friend of mine did an English assignment on the author once, and I got into her blog. She has great ideas for reducing your waste (quite drastically. When she says "zero waste" she means zero waste). 

Go, jabberwockies, and read all the things. 

(Also, halfway Camp NaNoWriMo update. (I actually have no idea if we're halfway or not, but I've now decided we're halfway so halfway we are.) I'm ahead of my word count goal, thankfully, but I've discovered that I have no idea how to write a romantic relationship. It sucks quite a bit because it's not like I can just take that relationship out because it's integral to the plot. *sobs* But I'm having quite a bit of fun :) )


  1. I love Adam's blog... He is just the best, isn't he? I also like Sunny's blog; she's both academic but down-to-earth at the same time, and that always leads to interesting reading.

    Opal is of course a favorite, and Liz. I think it's interesting that they're right next to each other, because I think they both have this reflective nature to their writing but both bring a different sense of humor and sense of reality and sense of tragedy to their writing, and they're both beautiful.

    We of course must mention the pineapple queen Cait... I don't know where half us would be without her somewhere in the middle of things.

    I also love reading what Aimee has to say. I don't agree with her always but I admire the strength of her arguments and also her passion for writing. Also, she writes about some pretty serious stuff, and that's kind of brave.

    YAvengers is less personal, I think, but it is good writing advice, so yes to that.

    (I am just writing all these things out because when things like this happen I always look and see if anyone has said anything about me and then if it makes me feel good I put it in a Word document so I can read nice things people have said about my writing whenever I feel sad about blogging. And in case other people do that too, here I am, sharing my thoughts.)

    Thank you so much for including me on this list, too! (Yes, the words got put in my document.) I'm so glad you enjoy those parts of my blog, and I'm grateful that we get to blog in the same neighborhood so we can enjoy the stuff we have to share.

    You, of course, have a great blog, too! I really like how you tend to think about things, from a... I guess I don't know if there's a really encompassing word for it, but you bring the context of having lived in two countries and from having various worldwide adventures that tends to inform how you read and write and it keeps my thoughts provoked. :)

    This was a great post, Victoria! (Even if it was *ahem* "not written because you didn't know what else to write.")

    1. Adam's blog is just the best. I kinda wish he'd post like twice a day, because that would be awesome. (And I second everything you said about everyone else, obviously :) )

      Oh, that's actually a great idea!!!! Can I steal it? I'm going to steal it. And why would you ever feel sad about blogging??? Your blog is fantastic, and it got me into blogging in the first place. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for your blog. (Also, I find it kind of funny because you always manage to find the holes in my arguments or writing or whatever, so I often find myself asking myself "what would Heather say?", then I try to plug those leaks in my writing. Then, of course, you usually find more holes anyways :D )

      I'm glad you enjoy my blog, Heather! That means a lot to me :)

      Thank you! (*scratches head* Yeah, well, we all have those days :) )

    2. Oh, absolutely. Steal it. But don't act like I'm a blogging goddess or something! I can feel self-conscious and tired and crappy, just like anybody else. :)

      XD Well, I am glad to imaginary-be there and help you write stronger! That is a great reputation to have.

      Thanks again. :)

  2. OH, I love some of these blogs already!

    Thanks for the recs! I'm always looking for new bloggers to follow and read. I hope NaNoWri goes well for you!

    1. Any time :) I love finding new blogs. Thanks for commenting, Ashley!

  3. I know some of these blogs like Heather's and A Splash of Ink (I'm also subscribed to them)It shows that many bloggers are connected. I'm glad you recommended this because I now follow Miss Adventure and Opal Swirls. Our of Coffee, Out of mind seems cool too!

    1. It's strange how small the Internet is, isn't it? I can be on a totally random blog and scroll down to see someone I know has commented. Susanna and Opal are great, I'm glad you're following them! Liz rocks, too :) Thanks for commenting, Grace!

  4. Thanks so much for featuring me and saying those kind words!

    I was so happy to see that you featured Migg Mag on your list! I don't even remember how I found her, but I've been enjoying her posts for awhile now. I love all those lifestyle and photography blogs. So I'm always excited to find new ones to try out, so thank you for spreading the love:)

    1. You're welcome! Your blog is so amazing and I'm always excited when you publish a post :)

      Ha, I actually found Migg Mag through your blog, so thank you! I wish she'd post more often, and even though I don't always agree with her fashion choices it's always great to read different opinions.

  5. YOU'RE SO NICE! I've already said this (virtually) to you once today, because you left a super nice comment on my story and I replied with lots of gushing, but I say again, YOU'RE SO NICE! Thank youuuuu! It makes me so happy when people say my blog is funny, because I do write with my natural style of humour but sometimes when I'm proofreading my posts I'm like Emily, that's not funny, and I worry they are contrived/lame/unfunny SO THANK YOU!

    Now off to check out some of your recs :D

    1. YOU DESERVE THE NICE WORDS! Ha, thanks :) Well, worry no more. I always find your posts interesting/thoughtful/funny.

  6. Thank you so much for putting Opal Swirls down!! :)

  7. Aaah, THANK YOU FOR SAYING SUCH NICE THINGS ABOUT MY BLOG. :D It warms my cold heart.

    I haven't read more than half of these blogs, but the ones you listed that I have read are wonderful, and I will have to check out the ones I haven't. *nods*


      Yes, definitely do. This list has grown a little since I've written it, but these are still really awesome :) Enjoy!


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