Movie review: Batman v Superman, Dawn of Justice

Well, all I'll say is that I wanted to see Zootopia but nooo, we had to see two dudes in suits beat each other up for little to no reason. Basically, Batman feels like Superman is up to no good, and Superman feels that Batman is dangerous so they decide to fight it out. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor decides to create a monster to defeat Superman. 


It wasn't a terrible movie, but I do regret going to see it. First of all, I feel like there was little reason for Batman and Superman to be fighting. Batman feels like Superman has too much power and that the events of Man of Steel  were completely his fault. I know Batman saw the battle from the ground and it'd be completely awful, but I feel that if Batman did just a little more research (which he seems to be quite good at) he'd found that Zod and his friends attacked earth and Superman stopped them. Then there's this quote: "He has the power to wipe out the entire human race, and if we believe there's even a 1% chance that he is our enemy, we have to take it as an absolute certainty. And we have to destroy him." WHICH IS STUPID. Superman's been doing nothing but good stuff like saving people and kittens trapped in trees and Batman wants to destroy him. There's a 1% chance I might punch you in the face (5% if you're being a jerk or wrote the script to this movie) but that doesn't mean you should beat me up to stop me from doing that. 

On the other hand, Superman has a point about Batman. While he fights criminals and stuff, he BRANDS people. With hot metal. And uses a gun. And kills people. This is not the Batman I know. Batman isn't unnecessarily cruel. He does what he has to do and he doesn't cross the line. (Although Ben Affleck did very well with what he was given, considering how much hate he got from taking the role.) 

I feel like the movie runtime would have been cut in half if they'd met for coffee and chatted it out. Superman actually tried to talk with Batman, but negotiations lasted about twenty seconds before they had a twenty minute epic fight to the death (and after that the conflict between them was resolved in thirty seconds because... they both have moms named Martha? Why couldn't they have done that in the beginning? HOW ARE THEY FRIENDS IN THIRTY SECONDS???) 


The movie wasn't all bad. Lex Luthor was my favourite character because it's not often we get a villain who's totally unhinged and an actor who plays it perfectly. He was creepy and weird and normal sometimes and insane other times. I'm not too sure about his evil plan or motivation, though. There were quite a few holes in that. Basically, like everything else in this movie he didn't make any sense but I enjoyed watching him make no sense. Also, Wonder Woman was awesome (and wore a completely impractical battle suit, but whatever, I guess), even if she only had about three lines. (On that note, Superman only had about three lines as well, and most of his conversations were one-sided while he stared into the distance, looking majestic. *cues majestic music*) The action scenes were great, Hans Zimmer's score was amazing (as always). 

It was just kinda... dumb. (Although I will be first in line to see Captain America 3: Civil War, a movie about dudes in suits beating each other up. Because Marvel.)

Have you seen the movie yet? What did you think? Would you see it? Has anyone seen Zootopia? Who is going to see Cap 3


  1. I have no plans to see Batman vs. Superman (though part of it was filmed on my campus, so that was cool). I didn't particularly care for "Man of Steel", so...meh. Maybe if I catch it on TV sometime in the future.

    I'd love to go see Cap 3, but I have to see Winter Soldier first! I can't find anywhere to rent it.

    Thanks for giving me the heads-up about Batman vs. Superman. I don't feel so bad about not wanting to go see it now.

    1. It was filmed on your campus??? That's probably reason enough to see it. That's so cool.

      I didn't think Man of Steel was that great, either. It just kinda... was. Yeah, I wouldn't spend any money on seeing it. Seeing it on TV would be your best bet.

      YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE WINTER SOLDIER?!?!?!? Go do so immediately. Like right now. It's one of my favourite Marvel movies ever. I will fly to the US so you can borrow my copy if needed. (Or I could just sent it to you or something. A parcel is probably less expensive than a plane ticket.) Anyways.

      No problem :)

  2. Wow, that does sound kind of. . . silly. I was hoping the storyline would have a little more depth to it. I mean, if you're going to pit two epic heroes against each other than they ought to have some very good reasons for battling it out, you know? The way you put it, it sounds more like Superman should've been the one who was suspicious of Batman being an enemy. Because Batman does sound like he's gotten super cruel. I know Batman is dark, but branding people? That's over the top. I don't know. I kind of want to see it for myself, just so I know. But at the same time. . . I'm more of a Marvel fan. So, yes, I shall be seeing Civil War. *internal flailing*

    I have seen Zootopia. It's cute and HILARIOUS! I really like it and it's strangely relevant to today's society with racial prejudice. (And when I say relevant, I mean it was relevant, not message-y, so still good.)

    1. Yeah, it kinda was. And if they hated each other that much that they had to battle it out, they shouldn't become friends in thirty seconds afterwards. They needed a therapy session or something. Couple's counselling.

      I was really upset because Batman just hated Superman, even though Superman did more good than Batman himself. Batman went around branding/killing people while Superman saved people from natural disasters. And I'm not even a Superman fan! *smashes face on keyboard* I LOVE Batman, but the branding was one step too far.

      I'd recommend not seeing it in the theatre, and if you still want to see it just rent it or see it when it's on TV or something. It wasn't worth the money spent to go see it.

      *FLAILS EVERYWHERE BECAUSE CIVIL WAR* That movie will be the end of me. I CANNOT wait!!!!

      Ahhh, I'm so glad it was great! I really need to see it now. Thanks for commenting, Ashley!

  3. Yeah, Zootopia would have been so much better. I am not at all disappointed I went to go see that one. I haven't heard much positive feedback regarding this movie, and I am pretty sure by now that I'm not going to go see it. But, I do look forward to the Wonder Woman movie! She hasn't gotten her own movie yet so I hope that one is significantly better than this one.

    Anyway, my condolences on seeing a dumb movie. :P

    1. I know, you keep mentioning on your blog how awesome it was and I'm just sitting here, tearing my hair out. I would strongly suggest that you don't see it in theatres, I don't think it was worth the money. Maybe see it on TV in a few months? And I *would* be excited for Wonder Woman but I think I've been burned by DC one too many times. I don't think I'll see it in theatres at all, but I'll probably end up renting it or something.

      Thank you. Next time, I think I'll insist on seeing Zootopia :D


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