And the survey says... (a million years later)

So roughly a million years later I had a blogoversary and lots of you lovely people took a survey that I'd created, and I thought you might like the know the results, because why not, right? (And thank you to everyone who took the survey!)

So it turns out we're all pretty much the same age, which was expected and also pretty cool. 

I don't have a single dude reading my blog, which is weird because I talk lots about explosions and stuff. (I know, I know, guys like to talk about more than explosions, but still.)

Friends and other blogs seems to be my main source of readers. (Just in case you can't read the graph for yourself.)

It looks like I won't be changing my posting schedule, which is good news for me because I'm lazy like that. 

It seems bookish discussions and Oh, The Places You'll Go seems to be the most loved, which is weird because I thought they were the least. This is why we make surveys, people, because sometimes our brains are weird. (And by 'we' I really mean "I".) I also didn't realise you people liked reading about my own writing so much.

So it seems my movie reviews aren't the fan favourites, but because I don't actually post them that often and I really enjoy writing them I figure I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. If I have any room to improve, hit me up in the comments.

In terms of individual comments, I've been given suggestions to a) put in a search bar (which I have), b) tell you all what my posting schedule actually is (a fair enough request. Tuesday (Australian time) is a cultural/travel post, Thursday is reading/writing/movies and I post my bonus posts whenever I feel like it) and c) come up with a more consistent length for my posts. To be honest, I don't think the last one is going to happen. My shorter posts are days when I'm just too tired/busy to write up an essay, and that's a bit difficult to change. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

Thank you all for doing the survey and reading my blog and being fabulous jabberwockies. 

If you have any more suggestions, leave a comment below and I'll get back to you!


  1. I don't think I've done this survey but the results seem pretty good!

  2. I fit in with most of these, but with the question about what posts are everyones least favourite, I think people chose one just because they had to - I don't think that people honestly dislike any c:

    Little Moon Elephant

    1. Well, I certainly hope no one seriously dislikes any of my posts, but if they do then I need to make some changes. Thanks for commenting!

  3. It's always interesting to see how the statistics play out, huh? I hope you found the survey helpful to improve your blog. :)

    1. It is interesting, especially when my thoughts and my readers' thoughts don't always line up.

  4. Hello! So first things first, check your email ... ~winks mysteriously~

    Anyway, I enjoyed this post, your commentary made me laugh. If there is one thing I do not understand it's posting schedules. ("We know, Emily, that's why you're a horribly inconsistent poster!") It's good for you to have sorted in your mind, on Tuesday I do this, on Thursday I do this, but for me? I always read everyone's posts, like, three weeks late, so why the heck does it matter to me what day it was posted on?? I guess I'm just a very anti-schedule person. Also post length. Why would that matter?? VICTORIA DEFENSE SQUAD, ACTIVATE. I guess I tend to view blogging as more running through the woods trailing glitter without any clear plan/structure. Which is probably not that sensible, and I'd probably be better having a schedule, but ... oh well! ~runs off through the woods trailing glitter~

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I was just going to dive into it...

      That totally works for you, but I know that if I didn't have a posting schedule then I wouldn't post nearly as often and I'd get lazy and end up never posting at all. Hence the schedule.

      That is pure brilliance, Emily. I can totally just imagine you running through the woods trailing glitter.... *runs off to join you*


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