Oh, The Places You'll Go: That time we ran away to Whistler

It was our second-last day in Canada, and we were preparing for the drive from Vancouver to Victoria. Then, Dad and my friend's mom disappeared into the computer corner and started making nefarious plans to ditch everything and go to Whistler (because obviously that's what you do when you have a schedule to keep). She canceled appointments, we checked out the weather and off we all went within an hour of making the plans.

I went with my friends in their car instead of Grandma's (the car which we had borrowed (we'll get to that next week)) so I was beyond thrilled to a) get to spend more time with my friends and b) not have to spend more time in Grandma's car. 

We didn't spend a lot of time in Whistler, and mostly just went on the Peak 2 Peak gondola ride. My friend was scared of heights, and when the gondola stopped for some reason I almost had to headlock my brother to stop him from freaking her out even more. (I also taught her how to put someone in a choke, which I don't think her mom approved of but it was a good distraction. You win some, you lose some.) Other than that, though, the ride was incredible, with the most amazing views. 

The majestic Canadian flag at the halfway point. *cues O Canada*

I was really enjoying the final leg of the journey, where we actually travelled between two mountain peaks in these enormous red gondolas. There was a French couple in ours, but I didn't have the courage to strike up a conversation, something which I regret. 

It was so amazing to be traveling on nothing but these cables, lost in the mist with these random strangers from all over the world. I mostly just stared out the window the entire time, amazed that I can call this beautiful country home. 

After we came back down (there wasn't a lot to do at the top, although the boys bought candy), we wandered around the bottom and bought presents and posed in front of the Olympic rings. (We also got Menchies which was absolutely divine. Frozen yogurt is a gift from God, jabberwockies.) I also took a sip of my friend's London Fog while she wasn't watching (shhh). 

While Whistler was absolutely beautiful and I'd 100% recommend it to anyone who was thinking of going, I'd say that my favourite part of running away to Whistler was spending more time with my friends. We always seem to be too far apart, and for a few hours we weren't. 

Have you ever been to Whistler? Do you like to ski? Do you have friends who you live far away from? 


  1. I have a friend who is currently on a study abroad in China. When back stateside, she lives about 4 hours away. We almost met up one day, but I couldn't get time off of work. We have a very odd long-distance relationship, but somehow we manage to make it work.

    Glad to hear you got to spend some time with friends!

    1. That's too bad that you guys didn't end up meeting up! But as long as your relationship worked, right? That's the important thing.

      Thank you so much! I had a great time.

  2. Ahh, I've missed you so muchh. I'm glad you had a grand time. Fun fact: I used to sing the Canadian National Anthem after watching The Next Star as a kid. Yeahh

    Any friends who I live far away from? How about all my internet friends! xD

    1. I'M BACK!!! *swoops in* Hahaha, that's too good :)

      Internet friends indeed live far away, and it's really annoying sometimes. Then again, I don't have to talk to anyone face to face so that's a positive.

  3. Wow, that was so much fog. I like the effect on the picture, though! It's cool that your family and friends were able to run away as such for a little while. :)

    1. Yeah, it was crazy! But I am really happy with the picture. Yeah, I plan to run away more often in the future :)


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